Mandala Madness

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Let me start by saying, I’m not a fan of the crochet Mandala.

Whilst I am completely in awe of the work that goes into the most finest of ones, executed with the finest of threads and the finest of hooks, I have had no desire to jump on the Mandala bandwagon…….. except for the one I made for Yarndale, last year.Mandala

And one other I made for a summer purse a couple of years ago.Crochet cotton mandala


Crochet and denim purse
Crochet and denim purse

Anyway, quite accidentally, I have now found myself partaking in a giant Mandala CAL!! (crochet-along)

I had joined a crochet CAL facebook group . It’s a group where members display their CALs and information about new CALs that members become aware of, get posted. I slowly began to be drawn into the images posted of the Mandala Madness CAL.

As the name suggests, it is quite mad! Goodness knows what I’ll do with it. Being late to the party, I’m on catch up. After a couple of weeks I’m currently on week 4. Week 6 is published at the end of this week. It is already diner plate sized. There’s another 14 weeks to go.

This was the end of week 1


I’m using my crochet animal stash as I loved the colours, but with plenty of white for balance.img_3246

This next image is near the end of week 3

So why am I taken by this?

It is definitely the challenge. You have to get the exact number of stitches in each round correct for the next round to work.

The pattern is superbly written. Helen the designer and blog owner of Crystals and Crochet must be spending every living minute writing and photographing each stage, providing so much extra info about the trickier stitches. It has also been translated into 13 different languages!

It is quite like nothing I’ve ever seen! It is almost grotesque in a funny type of way.

But I can not put it down; I’m quite addicted.

Is anyone else making something that they have no idea what they are going to do with but are just enjoying every single stitch.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. It does sound like a challenge. If it keeps on like this it might make a rather fetching pouffe. Just what you need in your life I’m sure but that’s what came to mind immediately I saw it.

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  2. I’m obsessed with this CAL! I can’t actually participate but I’m loving seeing posts of people participating in it and the colors they choose. I even spent time watching the video tutorial on YouTube.

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  3. I might just have to go and find out about this and try and catch up. I’ve only ever made one mandala, and that was for a good cause, but I loved the process just like you. No idea what I’d do with it either:)


  4. Projects like this are a good way to hone your craft. I made a sampler blanket once, I had no desire to make a blanket but I wanted to try as many stitches as I could and I really needed a purpose for all of the finished squares. It is a mighty fine Mandala. Jo x

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  5. Looks fab and I love the one on then purse, but I’m definitely in the camp that asks, What the heck do you do with a mandala? Although if I have a go at one, I’m sure I’ll end up in exactly the same place you are.

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  6. I just LOVE this! Your colours are so harmonious and lovely to llok at – I think I spent the last five minutes just gazing at the Mandala circle.


  7. Wow, mandela madness is a hefty project if you don’t like mandalas! I love the colours you’ve chosen. It’ll look great when it’s finished. I’ve been very tempted to make this one but I’m intimidated by the size!


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