Welcome to the world, Henry

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At last the time has come. Baby Henry has been delivered into the world save and well.

Henry is my husband’s first grandchild.


Henry is a longed for child, none more so than by his brilliant parents.

He is off course the recipient of my zoo of animals.img_3232

And blankets

And the odd knitted vest.

Over the past few months whilst Peter (my husband) held his breath, I have been indulging myself in baby gifts.

It has been an absolute pleasure and they have been received so wonderfully.

We went to visit on Saturday. Freya made cookies.

We sat for an hour, all with grins on our faces. We couldn’t take our eyes off him.

It’ll be a while before my daughter has children of her own (at least 20 years I hope!) so meanwhile it will be an absolute honour to witness this little fellow growing up.img_3280

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Aw, how wonderful, congratulations to you all! I’m so pleased for you that all your gorgeous gifts were appreciated after so much time and effort, not to mention love, has gone into them. I must have missed the vest post but it really is lovely. Hopefully, we’ll see some photos of Henry with some of these precious things in the months to come:)


  2. He is beautifull 😊 makes me broody lol and all his gifts youve made are gorgeous too. Hope the little man gets everything in life he wishes ☺ congratulations! X


  3. Really excited for you Lucie. crafting is always a joy when there is a reason with some sentiment behind them. Congratulations! Jo x


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