Christmas Tree Garland

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A good while back ( too long for me to admit to!) Lisa at White Tree Fabrics sent me this little bundle. I had promised to make something Christmasy.

These fabrics are one of the charming fat quarter packs. This is a Christmas one but there are many to choose from including some lovely Tilda fabric ones

I wanted to make a new Christmas garland for my kitchen dresser and had seen some small fabric Christmas Trees with cinnamon sticks used as trunks, on Pinterest.

To up scale the project a little, I cut the fabrics into strips of various widths and sewed them altogether, before cutting out my trees.
What do you think?Christmas Tree Garland

I love how each one is subtly different.

Mind you, for a seemingly simple project too many of these made the bin instead of the dresser! I soon learnt to check that I had ‘right sides together’, and to remember to sew the string in, and not to get the string caught in the side seam and that too many seams within the tree made turning them right side out very tricky and not to have the hessian as the fabric at the base as it just unravelled as you turned the tree the right way.

But very much worth it I think.Christmas Tree Garland

They also go lovely with the Christmas Stockings that I made last year. You can read about those here.
Christmas Stockings

So the dresser is now dressed.Christmas Tree Garland

What is next on the list? Any one else making some new decorations this year?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. No, not this year to make decorations, maybe next. Yours are just darling, and I shared with my Google group! Sandy


    1. I wouldn’t know where start choosing a new TV but I would make sure you can view the screen from all angles. We bought one for our kitchen wall (although it was 4 years ago) but you can’t actually see the picture properly unless you are watching it pretty much straight on.


  2. I literally bought a load of cinnamon sticks today to make some of these! I’m not sure mine will turn out as cute as yours because I don’t fancy fiddling with all those seams! I like how you’ve hung them too, with your cute snowflake fairy lights entwined. You’re putting me in a festive mood, hooray!
    And one more thing – the snow falling over your page is so lovely!!


    1. I had the snow setting on my blog last year and it was a great surprise that started automatically this year!
      I think the trees will look just as good as solid colours. It will certainly create less waste.
      I’d love to see them when you’re done.


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