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Yay! So yesterday I actually sat at my machine and started a Coco. Am I the last, in sewing circles, to have made a Coco? There are lots and lots of examples on this on Tilly’s Pinterest board.

Well, to be precise, I have not made a Coco, just started one.

But my first achievement, one I have been putting off for soooo long, was to re thread my overlocker with black thread. A successful task which actually took me minutes. So why had I procrastinated about this for weeks?

This is my material. I had picked it up at Fabworks, Dewsbury, last November.img_2665

And you can see the reverse of it here. Black. It’s a 2 layer jersey of some sort with a small amount of stretch in 2 directions. There is quite a weight to the fabric so I thought it would be perfect for this quite structured garment.  It wasn’t expensive so I wish I’d bought more!img_2663
I have a history of boaty necklines so I used my upper bust measurement for the size and increased the width at the bust by 10mm at every side seam.

For those that don’t know, this is the Coco.

And this is how far I had got after an hour or so.


The image above is with the funnel neck up; but it can be folded over (see bottom photo)


I love it. The fabric is perfect. With a pair of leggings or jeans, I could see me wearing this an awful lot.

One problem. I have run out of fabric.

I originally bought the fabric for a sweatshirt with contrasting black sleeves. But I changed my mind. When I measured up for the Coco I was sure I was going to squeeze a couple of sleeves out of it too.

But no, just one sleeve.

I’m not sure about contrasting sleeves on a Coco.img_2677

My only hope is that there is still some of this fabric at the shop. We’ve a blogger’s meet up in Dewsbury in a couple of weeks time, organised by the fabulous Thimberlina. Fabworks is one shop we’ll be visiting. But Fabworks is a remnant shop so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So my plan is to make it up with black sleeves and check the fit.

I could wait for a fortnight, fingers crossed, and hope the roll of fabric is still there. Or I might even just have a sneaky trip over this Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. That fabric’s stunning!! How about colour blocking the sleeves or having short sleeves?? Sleeveless would look good, but then you’d me limited when you could where it. How about putting it on Instagram and tagging fabworks so they can check if they’ve got any left. Oh, and thanks for the mention….😉


    1. Unfortunately the fabric is quite warm so 2 layers would make it only suitable for really cold weather! But I shall make another one regardless now I know I like the fit on me.


  2. I must be the only person to be unsuccessful with this pattern. I need to re measure and have another go. Yours is lovely. Check with them first if not black would look good. See you in Dewsbury K xXx


  3. How frustrating! Hopefully you’ll be able to get some more, or at least something that goes. You’re not the last to make this as I have yet to make this pattern. I’ve got some fabric lined up for it I just need to buy the pattern!


  4. I really like the fabric but I see what you mean about it being too thick to be sleeveless. I’ve made a couple of colour block Coco dresses but I put the colour across the chest as well as on the short sleeves. However, I think the black would work with your top if you did short or even 3/4 length sleeves. Maybe you could put a band of black around the bottom too.


  5. That fabric is gorgeous, I hope you can get some more. If you can’t, how about black sleeves with a deep cuff of the patterned fabric?


  6. I’m sure I saw that fabric in there quite recently so fingers crossed they still have it for the meet up! I wore my coco dress to death last winter, need to make another one if I ever get through my to sew list! I think you could get away with the black sleeves though: how about with a matching black contrast panel on the main hem of the skirt?


  7. Fabulous choice of fabric and I’m gutted for you that you’ve not got enough because it’s perfect for that style! It seems I’M the only one who hasn’t made a Tilly pattern yet…..


    1. I think you are far too advanced to be satisfied with a Tilly pattern! And I’m sure you own similar patterns as all these independents are generally influenced by times gone by, however subconsciously.
      The beauty of them is how they hold your hand through out the whole process.

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  8. Oh gosh, how frustrating! I really hope you find some more fabric! The top is looking great so far though, and I’ve never made a Coco either…


    1. It’s actually only 20 mins away from work. The trouble is, once I’m in there it is unlikely to be a short visit so I daren’t go until Saturday!
      Anyway, I first bought the fabric back in November so 3 more days won’t kill me.

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  9. Hey Lucy,
    I’m sure if you emailed them your pictures they’d be happy to have a look for you to see if they’ve still got it? They seem like a helpful bunch. Have you checked out their new online shop? I still have loads of fabric I’ve done nothing with after my last visit so I’m keeping away for the time being! Sarah x


  10. Ah Lucie, what a pain, stay on it and don’t give up because the coco is such a great way to get back into sewing. I made the tunic length last week and wore it for three days on the trot. You gonna have to go with black sleeves – good luck anyway. Jo x


  11. I saw your photo of the top with the matching fabric sleeves. It looks fantastic! I was surprised because I thought it would look too ‘busy’ but it doesn’t. It looks really good! By the way, is the funnel collar a straight piece of fabric? Or is it shaped/curved?


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