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Two or three more evenings should see me finishing my baby boy crochet blanket. It’s been a lovely project for mindless winter crochet in front of subtitled European dramas.

IMG_2559It’s a lot bigger than this now but I have to admit I need something a little more challenging.

So I’m indulging myself in some baby knitting also for the advancing baby addition to the wider family.

I’ve spent time on Ravelry and time on Pinterest having a good look around for some contemporary patterns for a young family but there’s nothing like curling up with a pattern book. This one is pretty good. I can see at least 4 patterns I’d love to knit up and a growing baby will need at least one or two of these!


I remember knitting for my own daughter, when I had time, before she was born; a long long time ago. I loved how I could whiz up a front or a sleeve or two in an evening.

But it’s been a good few months since I’ve picked up my needles. I’ve set my sights on these.

I expect they will seem pretty simple to many of you but this is the clean look I was going for. I’m aiming to have a go at some intarsia knitting before the year is out. I want to be knitting snowflake jumpers as well as thelandroverswife and Mollieandclaire but that is a lot to live up to.

Saturday will see me heading into town (Wakefield) for my bi monthly head of foils so I’ll nip into the yarn shop at the same time for something baby soft.

And of course I couldn’t bypass an opportunity for some baby crochet amigurumi.

I’ve finally treated myself to this.


Whilst I love the neutrals, I shall be making these up in vivid baby appealing colours. I’m hoping to use up some existing cotton stash.


Oh, I’m so excited for a new project! Or three!

Love, Lucie xx





  1. Aha! The excitement is back. I knew it would be once you took the pressure off yourself.
    Lovely knitting and crochet projects. I have a very similar Debbie Bliss baby pattern book and I love all the patterns inside. I started one last year, actually, with nobody particular in mind, but it has been hibernating while I carry on with my boyfriend cardigan which has sleeves that go on forever in more ways than one. However, nearly there so I can either get back to the baby one or another huge blanket. I love the excitement before starting a project and, if I could crochet, I would definitely be lusting after that amigurumi book. Have fun!


  2. I’ve still got a Debbie Bliss book from when mine were little, I knit James a fisherman’s gansey! She has some gorgeous patterns, enjoy! My ripple blanket is growing slowly, it’s meant to be single bed size but I think I might stop at square!!


    1. Do you think it will be as useful as a square blanket? Or is it just taking too long? The bigger projects certainly need a whole heap of commitment and patience don’t they?


  3. Oooh that all look so lovely! I have a couple of Debbie Bliss books and like the way the baby things come out, though I always think she doesn’t write the pattern in the best way to knit, but the simplest to understand way. eg, You always end up sewing in loads of seams and joining lots of small pieces together rather than just knitting something in the round. But, I can’t ever fault the finished result, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain!


  4. Although Sirdar wool is not always the most up to date int he world their baby/child patterns and pattern books are so stylish. I have used them constantly since my girls were born. Good luck, you seem to have your crafting mojo back then!


    1. No problem. I’ve seen it around for 18months or so but never had the excuse to buy it! My husband has even flicked through it and pointed out all the ones he thinks I should make! He never normally take that much interest!

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  5. Aw thanks for your kind words but trust me, if I can knit snowflakes, anyone can 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on the baby knits. Two fabulous looking pattern books you’ve found. Hope you’re going to make the monkey and that adorable donkey 🙂 x


  6. I’m pretty sure I’ll be investing in both of those books now I have a granddaughter to make for – I had no excuse before, so, tempted though I was, I resisted the urge to buy them. Love the way the blanket looks:)


  7. Hi Lucy. Lovely post. We’ve just had news of an impending baby, so I’m on the look out for great baby patterns . Haven’t knitted for little ones for years – but love that the results are so small and cute and are quick to knit too, I bought Edward’s menagerie a while ago, with no little ones in mind, but started the rabbit – in pink – last weekend. Look forward to seeing your first creature.


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