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Just before we went away I had a lovely time pattern testing a mostly hand sewn fabric keepsake box.

When Lynn from her Tialys blog requested pattern testers I was only too happy to oblige. A free insight into making these gorgeous boxes? There was no decision to be made.

So armed with card, fabric and glue I set to work in the garden.

Making up the individual pieces was a lovely project to do in the garden. The sun was shining and I happily ignored the weeds that currently make my garden a little unloved.

Sewing them together was when the magic started.

Tialys fabric box
I loved how all the sewing and unsightly bits seemed to disappear into the box as the pieces were layered.

Tialys fabric box

And look at the inside!

Tialys fabric box

These perfect corners make me smile

Tialys fabric box

And all closed up, here is the finished box!

Tialys fabric box

I’m keeping this one for myself but I’ve definitely added these to my making list for Christmas presents. It makes the perfect sewing box and also a keepsake box for a new born.

I really had look hard to find anything I could critique about the pattern. Any errors I made along the way were down to my choice of thick fabric and too thick wadding.

It was surprisingly quick to make.

I struck gold with my search for some 3mm card. My mum suggested I visit a picture framers and sure enough the lovely man gave me enough off cuts for at least 5 boxes for a pound.
Tialys fabric box

If you fancy seeing some more of these boxes made up, head across to Lynn’s blog, Tialys.

She has a gallery of them on her page and, of course, a link to her shop were you can, if you should wish, purchase a pattern to make one your self.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Your box looks lovely. It is quite hard good stitching the pieces together through the layers. I constructed from scratch a fabric embroidered treasure chest as part of my C&G embroidery course. I was so glad of Mr. Es help with the maths and cardboard cutting
    Good idea about the picture framer.


  2. I’m making a small one of these for No.2 Son to go with his sewing machine for his birthday. It will house sewing essentials and looks pretty similar. I love the detail in this though, like the corners – you’ve done a brilliant job!


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