What’s happened to the weather?

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I’ve had a break. A break from work, sewing and blogging.

It’s the 30th July but all thoughts of continuing to wear my holiday attire have been banished in lieu of long trousers and long sleeves.

We’ve been to Skiathos, an island in Greece, me, my daughter and the OH. Skiathos was one of the first places my husband and I visited as a couple 10 years ago. It has it’s own small airport which is remarkable for an island that you can travel the length of on the bus in 30 minutes. What it misses in cultural hotspots it makes up in it’s beautiful sandy beaches which is just what you need when the temperature hits 35 degrees.

It was definitely a holiday of lazy days spent on the beach and evenings down by the harbour.

We were really pleased (relieved) with our (my) choice of accommodation. I always end up doing the research and the choosing which means I generally get the blame when it falls short of expectations/value for money/too far from the bus/up too step a hill/too far from the sea/too close to a main road/too far from the supermarket.

We ate so many Greek salads, chomped though many variety of soulvaki and breakfasted traditionally on fruit, honey and yoghurt.

But we didn’t fancy these.

Skiathos Octopus

Freya and I did manage a little exercise.


And I of course took my crochet – and ran out of yarn!!


We fitted in a boat trip to some totally deserted beaches.


And made time to wander around the back streets ( well I wandered, the others were dragged along).


So all in all an fabulous family holiday on a island that hadn’t actually changed that much in 10 years.

I’m looking forward to sewing again. I felt I had lost my sewing mojo a little, when all I needed was a break.

And we have missed the worst of the UK weather, it seems. I had left my daughter’s friend in charge of watering my veg and baskets whilst we were away. I don’t think she had to do too much.

We’ve come back to a bumper harvest. This is just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce).

Home grown veg.
Love, Lucie xx


    1. See below for the trip advisor link. If you book independently like us, rather than Cosmos, you get a better apartment.
      They are all self catering but there is a quiet bar on site which serves breakfast and lunch.
      I would heartily recommend these apartments but wouldn’t go to Skiathos in August – it gets really really busy in August and you wouldn’t be able to get on the bus which runs the length of the island, linking up all the beaches. These apartments were 5 mins walk from bus stop 15. There are 25 bus stops, so if it is busy, you’d never get on the bus!
      I would go back, but in June or September.



  1. This post has made me very excited about my own holiday to Crete, and we fly out on Saturday! From Saturday onwards Britain will be experiencing a heat wave for 10 days – that’s pretty much guaranteed!


  2. Gorgeous pics. Great to hear you’ve had a wonderful time. You took me back, we’ve been to Skiathos twice and loved it both times. Sorry to hear you ran out of yarn though 😦


  3. What a fabulous getaway! I think I’ll put Greece on my places-to-go list. Your story and photos are great! So glad you had a wonderful time!


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