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When I read the title I had just typed above I laughed! Something to keep me busy??? But life seems incredibly busy at the moment!

What I meant was, something to keep my fingers busy for that hour or so I get to sit down in the evening although even that precious hour is currently being whittled away due to the long light evenings and the jobs calling out my name in the garden.

I don’t have a specific crochet or knitting project to do but I need something to keep my hands busy and out of the biscuit tin. I’m not in need of anything specific crochet wise around the house. My husband’s threshold for crochet around the house has more or less reached it’s maximum level so I can’t just keep churning it out, as much as I’d like too.

I’m not mad enough to start Christmas presents. No birthdays on the horizon, well not ones that would appreciate a yarn based gift.

So I had a thought that I might start occupying myself with crochet that I could perhaps sell. I know the hours verses the price I could reasonably expect to receive for crochet goods will never stack up but if I can cover my costs and then some, I am getting pleasure in the creation and hopefully the recipient will get pleasure from the finished article too.

I’m thinking about modern contemporary baby blankets. Small, portable, doable, pleasurable.

I shall make them, photograph them, wrap them, sell them or store them. Then at least if they don’t sell I shall have a chest full of potential gifts for friends and family should the need arise in the future.

I’ve made a start.Crochet baby blanket

This is cotton left over from a CAL I never caught up with last year.

Crochet baby blanket

I really like solid squares.

Crochet baby blanket

These will all be edged in a pale grey or off white before joining them up.

I am getting a lot of pleasure in this simple crochet task so that is already a win in my book.

Next I have to decide Etsy or Folksy? Or both? What do you think? I already have a dormant account with Folksy.

I have plenty of stash so my outlay is negligible but I want to price them at a level that I think befits an individual handcrafted piece. I have been asked if I would sell certain items in the past.

There are more contemporary style baby blankets on Etsy so more competition. But the blankets on Folksy are generally priced too low in my opinion for me to compete.

But then I keep telling myself it’s not about the selling, it’s about the creating.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I laughed too, but I know what you mean. The garden is also keeping me away from crafting (and housework – but who cares about that ;-)). The selling’s a bit of a conundrum – and I’m afraid I’ve no experience or advice there – but if you’d only be watching TV – or whatever – if you weren’t crocheting, why not? And as you say, what’s the worst, you exercise your creativity and end up with some ready made presents.


  2. The market on Etsy is VERY competitive but you might pick up European sales because of the cheaper shipping you would be able to offer, being in Europe yourself. Just a thought.


    1. Having looked on both Folksy and Etsy, the standard is higher on Etsy but there are billions of blankets. I’m never sure how much traffic Folksy gets but I think my stuff would stand out a little better. I think I’ll try both and steer traffic towards them.


  3. I occasionally put items on Etsy but hardly get any views because, I think, I don’t have a blog or Facebook presence. I joined a Facebook sewing group and showed my latest item and had 54 views in 2 days but since then nothing. As you have a blog and post on Facebook you should have much more presence and chances.


    1. When I used to do Folksy, I pinned all my items onto Pinterest which helped viewing figures but I agree that just having a shop doesn’t mean people will automatically find you. I’ll need to work on steering traffic.


    1. eBay is useless for selling quality goods. People are looking for a bargain, want it cheap and are not prepared to pay decent prices – that has been my experience anyway. Customers on Etsy and Folksy know they are buying handmade, crafted goods and will, eventually pay the prices. You really do need to promote yourself though.

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  4. I read a post by someone recently talking about the presure of getting lots of orders and people who demanded discounts and were very rude which put me off the idea myself. So I think you want to be clear in your head before you start what it is you are offering. Otherwise, Good Luck!


    1. I was only thinking of one off pieces. I would definitely not go down the route of custom orders. I have enough deadlines in my life already! But thanks for the advice though. Something to keep in mind. But really i’m just justifying my reason to crochet pretty things 😉

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  5. I agree with the suggestion of using both Folksy and Etsy, take really good photos and let your lovely work speak for itself. It is always so hard to achieve value for the time you put into handmade crafts but as you say half of it is the pleasure of creating. Sorry to add something sad but as you mentioned the CAL from a creative being, have you seen the last post on Winks blog? It has been written by her sister to advise that Wink has departed this world, such a sad loss.


  6. Our garden, is quite frankly a disgrace at the moment, so I’m feeling your pain… I forced my husband out there with me last weekend and we made a small inroad, but loads more to do-wish we could afford a gardener, sigh! I think selling your stuff is a great idea, it’s all so beautiful, sure you’ll manage it 🙂


  7. Good luck Lucie, no advice on where to sell them. Just don’t under sell yourself. The people who would buy them wouldn’t have a clue where to start to make something as gorgeous as your blankets 😃


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