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Firstly a huge welcome to anyone who has popped across via the Paris blog tour. I hope you enjoy my post.

And to those other regular readers, this is a post about a dress I made up from one of the prizes of a competition that was arranged off the back of a recent bloggers meet up in Paris (no, I didn’t go to Paris, I was just a lucky winner of one of the prizes in a draw that was held after the meet up). They had a huge range of sponsors, hence the amazing prizes. My prize was a sewers dream so it just goes to show – enter everything!

Annika from the German blog Nah Connection and An from Straight Grain have organised this whole blog tour thing so huge thanks goes out to them. The winners were asked if they wanted to take part in the Paris blog tour to write a post about something they had made with what they had received in their prize and off course, I did.

Any way, back to the dress. Remember this one?
New Look 6814

Well I made it again using the flowery cotton poplin from Lillestoff.

Newlook 6184
Newlook 6184

I had previously made up a muslin so I was good to go. As before, I made the size smaller than my bust measurement depicted and also took in a good inch at the top of the zip. The only change I made to this version was shortening the length, making it less formal, and adding an inch to the waist to accommodate holiday dining.

However I’m not sure where that extra inch has gone as it is still rather well fitting. This is one of those holiday dresses I’ll have to wear at the beginning of a holiday before the result of too much food and wine shows around my middle!
Summer cotton shift
I love making the second version of anything; it’s so quick. I love the pleats. Pleats and cowl necks appear a lot in my hand made wardrobe.

It is fully lined in a thin cotton making it lovely and cool.
Being short of time and my usual photographer this weekend (my daughter was at guide camp) I thought I would have to leave you with a couple of selfies taken on the landing.

But then my OH appeared after his bike ride. He doesn’t have much patience but after a little direction.
Newlook 6184
He managed these.

He has cut my head off and failed to tell me my bra strap was showing AND I’ve forgotten to press the zip! Why didn’t he notice when he was taking them?????

So back to the selfie.

Newlook 6184

Ah, that’s better!

As part of taking part, so to speak, I get to run a little competition of my own. So do you fancy winning a pdf patterm of your choice from pattern designerHey June? Take a look. There are women’s, men’s and children’s patterns available.

You can enter here a Rafflecopter giveaway
 I hope this works. I’ve never done this Rafflecopter thing before. If it doesn’t please tell me and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Please also check out the other creations in this blog tour. Each of these posts includes a cool pdf pattern give-away! Just click on an image. And remember, enter everything!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Most men don’t notice things like exposed bra straps and certainly wouldn’t spot an unpressed zip so your OH is no different. Plus, you looked a bit fierce when giving him directions so he might have been a bit nervous and wanted to get it over with. 😉 Another pretty holiday dress! Have you had to invest in more wardrobe space yet as you certainly seem to be on a roll with this dressmaking lark.
    Did you say you were going to Greece by the way? Better make sure you don’t carry too many spare euros around with you :/


    1. Yes, wardrobe space is at a premium. I used to have a ‘summer’ wardrobe and a ‘winter’ one with the other season’s clothes packed away in the loft. I now seem to have a ‘spring/autumn’ one.
      And yes we are going to Greece in a couple of weeks. I’ve been reading the forums on trip advisor. We’ll have our cash strapped to us but not to worry, as you can see, I can be pretty fierce when necessary;)


  2. Lovely fabric Lucie and another nice item. I didn’t understand how to get 6 entries into the raffle but at least I got 2. I don’t tweet 🐥 unfortunately. How’s the new job going?


  3. Lovely dress! I popped over from another Paris SewSocial blog tour site and I am loving the variety of garments and drooling over the lovely fabrics! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, if only I had a pound for every ‘why didn’t you tell me I was squinting/ sticking my bum out/ had spinach in my teeth?’ Moment…. Another great version of this dress, the design suits your figure perfectly and love the fabric choice. Happy I have a copy of it too, looking forward to having a go at it myself 🙂


  5. Wow, I love what you made with this fabric. The whole dress looks so summery, yet stylish! Perfect!


  6. Love that dress! Love the name of your blog! I know how those photos went..seems like about the same as they go at my house 🙂 I’m the least photogenic for my husband for some reason 🙂 Would love to win a pattern!


  7. That fabric is stunning – right up my street, what a great prize! This style of fitted dress is a real winner for you isn’t it? Another eye-catching make that no doubt will get a lot of wear:)


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