And then there were two.

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I thought it best that I move straight onto the second of my Beira Fingerless Gloves without a gap in proceedings in the fear that one would never become two.

And what would you know? In a little over a week I polished off the second one.

Ta dah!

I had hoped to beat the daffodils with this pair. Well I didn’t but the daffs are still in flower and it is still very cold.

I had been hoping to paint my nails for the close up shot. Mollie of MollieandClaire always has beautifully painted nails in her images. Mine never last beyond half a day!

These were the Beira Fingerless Gloves by Liz Corke I found on Ravelry. It is a faultless pattern that even a cabling novice can work though (eventually). The yarn I picked up at Yarndale last year. It is from Triskelion Yarn and Fibre; The Rhodri Sock Yarn. I couldn’t find this particular one on their website when I looked but there are so many with this slightly variegated home dyed look. Soft and warm; it would make a great pair of socks.

I’m off now to do some crochet. I have missed my hook recently.

Love, Lucie x


  1. They look lovely. since I made my fingerless gloves I have become very fond of them as an alterntive to gloves when it is not too cold. It’s got a lot colder round here lately even though the daffodils are out!


  2. They’ve turned out beautifully! I can’t decide if they’re grey or blue as they look different in different lighting conditions. Are you going to Yarndale again this year?


  3. Niiiiice gloves! My top tip for nice nails is CND VInylux 7 day wear. Even I who am very hard wearing on my nails can keep it on for 5 days without chipping! Mollie’s nails are normally covered in mud nail varnish 🙂


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