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I’m really struggling with these.BeiraFingerlessMitts

They are the Beira Fingerless Gloves by Liz Corke Knit Design.
Occasionally I like to set myself a challenge. This one may be a challenge too far. It might be winter 2016 before these are finished!
I am about to frog this for the third time.

It looks fine from the front; on my second attempt, I think.
But the cable on the back has just alluded me!Beira fingerless gloves
I’m all for throwing this into the corner of the room and leaving it there for the cat.
I have to concentrate so hard on the line by line instructions. Will it get easier? Am I fighting a losing battle? Is this really the way to be winding down after a busy day pouring over highways plans in the office?

Should I give in or give it one last go?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Are you using DPNs? Is it the cable that you’re struggling with? I can imagine it would be fiddly with fine wool – I managed my last cabling project but, as you know, that was with much thicker yard and HUGE needles. Would it be easier with the magic loop method? I haven’t used that method for gloves but I love using it for socks. Just be careful not to get a ladder up the sides.
    Or, you could always make a big pompom out of the wool with your trusty pompom maker and make the cat’s day! 😉


    1. I think I’ve just not attempted such a tricky cable before. I’m hoping that once I can see the cable pattern appearing it’ll be easier to pre-empt what the next stitch is rather than having to stop all the time.
      The use of the DPN’s is fine, I’ve cracked that through my sock knitting.


    1. A good idea but I’m sure it’s just my inability to pay enough attention to the instructions. It also comes with a chart but I’ve never followed a knitting chart before. I might just have a go as I prefer crochet charts to instructions. It might all become clear!


  2. Frog it back to the end if the ribbing and start the cable but again. I quite often write out charts in words, line by line – I find it easier to follow.
    But giving the cat a new toy is also a noble cause.


  3. Good luck with whatever you decide. No sense exhausting your time doing something you hate. Then your hobby becomes a job. Yet I understand not wanting to give up as well.


  4. If you can persevere I normally find once I’ve got into the pattern what comes next becomes clearer, but I can totally sympathise with you wanting to throw in the towel. I purchased a sweater pattern recently and the swatch almost drove me round the bend. 24 rows and every row was different and on the main sweater there are about 5 charts to follow. If I hadn’t paid nearly £7.00 for the pattern I don’t think I’d even attempt it after knitting the swatch.


  5. Done almost no cableing but I’ve had lacey knitting patterns where I kept getting it wrong. I used to find that eventually my brain would cotton on to the pattern and know when I was going wrong. So I would say persevere unless it is really getting too stressful in which case maybe have a break and pick it up again when you feel like having another go. I have written my own charts in the past, in a way that means something to me. I find they cut through all those words.


  6. I’d say it’s not the thing to do after a day’s work. I have to do something simple on autopilot in the evenings, and keep ‘new’ ventures for times when my brain is up for a challenge (i.e not very often!)
    Having said that if we never try anything new we will never learn….


  7. Keep persevering – just think how pleased with yourself you will feel after you’ve conquered them. (A bit how I’m hoping to feel if I ever get the bag pattern right…!)


  8. Been there done that – a million times. I tend to put it away with some notes and then try again after a success. Jo x


  9. If it were me I’d have to weigh up time taken against wearability if things aren’t going smoothly. If something takes ages and I’m loving making it I don’t mind but if you’re not loving making them it’s likely you’ll not love wearing them.
    Hope that makes sense!
    Have you tried arm knitting? It’s an amazing quick fix..I’ve just made a scarf whilst tea was cooking! 😀

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  10. I agree with Thimberlina – I attempted to read a novel last year and just couldn’t get into it. Three times I went back to it, even looking ahead at different sections to see if it picked up. In the end I decided life is too short, ditched it and read a much better book. Do something you enjoy, I say x


  11. I know that feeling. So many stitches to frog…I was making a pillow cover with wool and went through the same thing…it was a very simple pattern too! I had to put it away because if it is too frustrating, it isn’t fun! Your very experienced with your knitting however and so much more than I am…I am certain you will figure it all out and this experience will be a thing of the past! 🙂 Best wishes with your project.


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