Liberty glasses cases

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I finished my second Liberty hexie glasses case at the weekend.
I was glad to have this completed. I don’t like to have a nearly completed piece hanging around for too long.
Too many unfinished WIPs start to gnaw away at me and turn my craft into work.
Liberty Hexie glasses case.
I’ve made this one a tiny bit wider than the pink one to cover up more of the spring clasp at the opening.

Liberty Hexie glasses case.
But it really doesn’t make that much difference.

I’m still working on my Liberty Hexie wall hanging.

I went with the…………… grey!
Liberty Hexie wall hanging

Love, Lucie xx


  1. The grey is looking better than I thought it would. It makes a big difference once the hexagons are pieced together with the background rather than laid on top doesn’t it?


  2. Your wallhanging reminds me of a hexagons bedspread that I bought from a car boot sale. It is totally handsewn in hundreds of different fabrics and contrasted with a pale blue. I can only imagine the hours of love that went into making it! I love it.


    1. You are not the only one I have come across who has bought a hexie quilt from a car boot! It’s wonderful how some of these end up with people who appreciate them. Hours and hours of work thank fully not wasted!


    1. Very, very easy. It comes in the 2 long bits which you just thread through the top. Then you feed a pin through both of the hinges, much like the pins of a watch, attached to the watch strap. Piece of cake.


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