Marmalade Mmmmmm.

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Are you a marmalade household? Apparently it is going out of fashion. We always had marmalade in the cupboard when I was growing up, in the days when you could keep it in a cupboard. Plain marmalade, ginger marmalade and sometimes lime marmalade. Always with chunks in though.

I still love marmalade but I’m the only one in my household that likes it. I have it spread thickly on buttered granary toast on a Sunday morning.

Consequently a 12 jar batch of homemade marmalade lasts 2 years.

2015 is a marmalade making year for me. The Seville oranges that you need for marmalade are only available in January and February so this weekend I turned this Homemade marmalade

into this.Homemade marmalade

Juicing and slicing up all those oranges is a bit of a faff but in my opinion; worth it.

I always refer to my River Cottage Handbook No 2 when making a ‘preserve’.
I’m a bit of a ‘preserve’ snob. I really only like homemade jam. I don’t even like those they sell in farm shops under the premise of ‘homemade’.
Homemade preserves
I’ve plenty of ‘Blackcurrant and Blackberry’ left but I’m running low on my Strawberry so I’ll be eeking that out until June. I’ve some mincemeat that’ll survive until next Christmas and a couple of red currant and white currant jelly.
Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my marmalade. This one could win prizes!

Am I alone in marmalade love?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Mmmm I would loooove some of your homemade marmalade! I just checked and I haven’t even got any (shop bought, not yours, obviously) at the moment 😦 😦 my grandma’s homemade jam/jelly is the best, I totally agree homemade is so different to shop bought!


  2. I don’t think that I love it as much as you but I would never be without it. Apart from it’s use for sticking marzipan to cake. I do also use apricot jam sometimes but I like the orangy taste marmalade adds if I can be bothered to remove the peel. I have bread and somethings on the weekends instead of cereal. One slice always has peanut butter on it for protein but the other has honey, current jam or marmalade depending on my mood. I like the energy giving zing of marmalade.


  3. We love marmalade in our house! Recently we had Aberdeen Marmalade and we are now going through a jar of orange, grapefruit and Lime Marmalade.
    I highly recommend having you marmalade on a bacon sandwich it is so so yummy 🙂


  4. No way! I heard it was going out of fashion too but I think it’s way better in the morning than jam, which is too sweet. I need something a bit more tart to wake me up. I remember clearing out my Grandpas’s house after he died and finding several jars of her marmalade at the bank of a high, deep shelf 7 years after she died. Her marmalade was the best I’ve ever tasted and I haven’t had anything to match it since. She put the peel still with a bit of pith left on through a mincer. I’ve never made it myself although I’ve helped my mum. They don’t have it over here, so they don’t have the right oranges.


    1. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to eat 7 year old marmalade but the last of my 2 year old marmalade was still delicious. I save my jam for scones and crumpets but marmalade leaves a lovely tangy aftertaste on toast on a weekend morning. I try and be good and stick to porridge during the week.


  5. Love it! I keep seeing it on blogs at the moment (so somebody still likes it) and if I don’t get to Waitrose soon I shall miss the Seville Window.


  6. I had toast and marmalade for elevensies. I make my own as I prefer it bitter and add either whisky or ginger. Down to our last jar so will be whipping up another batch shortly:)


  7. Hi Lucie I love marmalade too and it tastes so much better when you make it yourself. I saw some Seville oranges today that reminded me to I should make some – I usually remember too late and the oranges are gone for another year!.00


  8. I won’t be fighting anybody for your jars of marmalade – lovely as they look – I can’t bear the stuff. My dad used to like it so I would buy a jar in for him when he came for a visit but it would then sit unloved in the back of the fridge until he either came back to finish it or it grew fur. I make lemon curd which I love stirred into natural yoghurt or porridge. Because we have our own chickens and the eggs are so fresh, it turns out a sort of dayglo yellow colour.


    1. You lemon curd sounds wonderful. I love that too!
      I’m envious of your eggs. We had a wonderful supply from a work colleague until the foxes got the lot. We are waiting for them to build up their flock again once they’ve built a better pen. Meanwhile we such for other local yellow yolks but to no avail.


  9. Ive never been able to stomach it. Do you think its an acquired taste and you get used to it, or a marmite situation? I love your preserves though – so weird, i was thinking about making preserves today, but then thought i’ll wait until autumn…

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  10. No way I love marmalade. Toast just isn’t the same without it and I’m actually a little upset at the moment that we are marmalade free in our house at present as I’ve eaten it all 😥
    This looks delicious! X

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    1. It wouldn’t set like we know it but I don’t like overly set jam anyway. ‘Fridge jam’ is made in this way and is great for making small quantities. The only problem when making 12 jars is that you would have to keep the whole lot in the fridge and consume it all within weeks. The sugar acts as a preservative.


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