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Did you see the knitted baubles on Kirstie Allsop’s Christmas show, last week?Knitted baubles

Dancing Around the Tree pattern is an extract taken from 55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne and Carlos, published by Search Press, rrp £12.99, ISBN 9781844487813. Available at

I thought this year’s Kirstie Allsop Christmas show a great improvement on last year’s, featuring so many more achievable crafts. Gifts and goodies you might actually want to make and give.

But back to the balls. I’ve seen so many of these in the shops and on Pinterest.

You’ll find the pattern to this set on Ravelry

7 Colorwork Christmas Ornaments by Meg Hollar

This one is a free pattern form the blog TwoStrands

Yes, I have bought red and white 4 ply yarn. I’ve not attempted fairisle knitting before but it can’t be that difficult, can it? And I’m used to working in the round from my sock knitting.

I’ve not yet bought this book although I was tempted.

Fortunately for my Christmas bank balance the book is now sold out on Amazon. I’m off to source some free patterns.
At a push I think I could probably make some up but if anyone has come across some of these free charts please let me know.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’ve made my own baubles like this but crochet. I worked around some old plastic ones and made the pattern as I went though. I love the look of all these though, they look so good on the tree 😀 x


  2. Oooh, good tip about Kirstie’s Christmas! I didn’t bother watching it this year, cos I thought last year’s was so ridiculous (neon artistry, what?!) — but I shall go and catch up on iPlayer now I think, since hubby is still working.

    Nothing helpful to advise on the baubles, I’m afraid. I’d thought of making them in the past as I think they look stunning, but decided they were too fiddly for my knitting tastes (I prefer working on something big where you can knit nice long rows at a time…)

    These are pretty lovely as well, though, if you don’t mind knitting the smaller things:



    1. Whilst not ticking all the boxes it was certainly more pleasurable to watch than last year’s and a good deal more ‘Christmassy’. But don’t expect to come away with tons of ideas!
      I’ve seen those bears on Pinterest. Definitely one for next year.


  3. They are lovely aren’t they? I bought 6 polystyrene balls last week for 10p No idea what I was going to do with them and then here comes Lucy with her fab links. Thanks. Jo x


  4. I did enjoy “meeting” Arne and Carlos and, much as I love watching Kirstie’s shows, found this one as predictable as usual and full of stuff I’d never make. Why show a tree decorating or jumper competition when more ‘how to’ crafts could be shown?


  5. These were gorgeous, but 5 needles at once i would never be able to do, if you make them i can not wait to see them 🙂


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