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It is extremely rare that I see a garment pattern in crochet that I could envisage wearing.

That is until I came across this!!

Isn’t it lovely? It is by Vita of the etsy pattern shop  monpetitviolon and is completely in keeping with the things I like to wear.

I was led to this site through reading a post on the BestofCrochet blog. She had come across a lovely lacy crochet sock pattern on the same site.

This monpetiviolon etsy shop is rammed full of beautiful crochet patterns. To be honest there are not many for adult sizes but it is by far the best selection I have seen for a while and at very reasonable prices.

I would have loved this in an adult size but maybe it would not be too hard to work one out.

Crochet Cable V neck by monpetitviolon
Crochet Cable V neck by monpetitviolon

These simple slippers are so elegant

Ladies Cable Slippers by monpetitviolon
Ladies Cable Slippers by monpetitviolon

And as an example of the gorgeous children’s wear, look at this

Sailor Hooded Cardigan by monpetitviolon
Sailor Hooded Cardigan by monpetitviolon

Who could resist?

I’m off to find out what yarn was used for that cardiagn.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love that sweater! The one for the toddler is adorable too. I wonder, if I got back into crochet would I be good enough to make these things. HA! Probably not. I’ll leave all that up to you.


    1. I hadn’t come across it before. I emailed the designer regarding the yarn she used and it’s really quite reasonable. But alas, it’ll have to wait until after Christmas.


  2. I once made some crochet slippers which I loved but they are soooo slippy!!! I tried attaching a sole and it just kept coming loose. Never again! (Although, those ones you’ve found are especially pretty!)


    1. I have often wondered the same myself! I’ve seen somewhere some soles you can incorporate into the crochet. I think I’ve also seen something in a tube you can squirt on the bottom. The same thing that’s on non-slip bed socks. I’ll do some research.

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