Making mincemeat of the mincemeat

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Good old Delia Smith came out at the weekend for the first of her annual contributions to Christmas.
It was that time again. Time to make my mincemeat.
I remembered to use vegetarian suet so as not to repeat last year’s fellow work colleague alienation!

The ingrediants
The ingredients

Just the easiest of recipes.

Chop, cutting up those apples VERY small, grate, keeping knuckles and finger nails out of the mix, combine and stand overnight to mingle.

3hrs on low in the oven
3hrs on low in the oven

Fill the house with Christmas smells on a Sunday morning, before cooling and adding the brandy.

Cooled, brandy added and bottled
Cooled, brandy added and bottled

Mincemeat completed, I need to check my supplies for next weekend’s Christmas Cake.
Have you made yours?

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I only make a Christmas cake every other year – the year that my parents come to us. And it probably won’t all get eaten. I think it is just the ritual that I like.


  1. I’ve never made mincemeat, although I love a good mince pie. We’re not keen on Christmas cake or pud, so I don’t bother with those at all.


  2. I have only just finished getting rid of last years 9″ Christmas cake from my thighs!! Heidi loved mince pies but we have never made the mincemeat – Very committed Lucy. Jo xx

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  3. Oh no! I was in England at the weekend and total forgot to get suet to bring back with me. And I swore I was going to introduce The Boy and all my Swiss friends to mince pies this year!


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