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With the wedding behind us, along with all the preparations, I thought it was high time I spent a quality girly day with my daughter before she jetted off on holiday for a fortnight with her other family. I ignored the grumbles of ‘if you’ve seen one stately home, you’ve seen them all’, as teenager ‘pretending to be cool’. I asked her to put on a nice dress (more grumbles) and with the promise of a drive through Starbucks (yes, I know) we set off for Castle Howard in North Yorkshire. Castle Howard My husband and I had spent our first few days as man and wife at Whitby, the location of our first weekend away 10 years ago. As we took the long pretty way home in the sunshine I realised how little of North Yorkshire I knew, despite relocating to Yorkshire some 16 years ago. So many places to visit. So many places we could have discovered instead of our twice yearly trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Anyway, despite earlier teenage protests, we both had a lovely day. With my camera around her neck Freya revelled in taking hundreds of shots within the house. I managed to wrangle it off her  when we got back outside.

The thing that struck me about Castle Howard, as opposed to Chatsworth House, was how peaceful it was. Everywhere was calm. It was a warm, humid steamy day. Everyone seemed to be exerting as little energy as possible, slowly ambling along the paths, speaking in gentle tones, such was the heaviness of the atmosphere.

We learnt about the real characters within the family over the last 300 years, how the house had been influenced and developed over the decades. A history of ambition, public service, liberal politics and a love of contemporary (in its day) artistic ideas. There were so many opportunities for great shots. I managed the post card shot of the house.Castle Howard   I love this one.Castle Howard gardens We took tea in the tea room whilst the day cooled under a short shower. A stroll through the walled gardens, somewhat bashed by the previous day’s downpour, completed our visit.

So as not to cut the day short we took advantage of being very close to two Lavender Farms, Wolds Way Lavender and Yorkshire Lavender. We choose the first one, mostly because I knew it was one of the (previously struggling) businesses featured on the BBC ‘Million Dollar Intern’ programmes about to commence showing this week on ‘Watch’. We were a little early for the lavender and a little late for the wildflower meadow walk but we still got a few shots and could see the potential given another couple of weeks of sunshine. We picked up some Wolds Way local lavender infused honey (mmmmmm) and a pot of glorious hand cream.

We headed home to veg out in the garden where we picked further veg for tea. Grow your own And drank my surprisingly ‘tastes like a mojito even though it has no alcohol’ freshly made juices.non alcoholic mojitos Photo styling by Freya. A lovely day although my husband remarked that night, at lights out, that I smelt like his granny. Love, Lucie x Any other particular recommendations for places in North Yorkshire happily received.


  1. those are lovely photos – what a glorious place to visit – can’t even imagine living there. Glad you had a good day out with your daughter. 🙂


    1. I have a juicer but I’m sure you could make it without.
      The juice of 4 handfuls of green grapes (or perhaps from a carton?) and a lime with some crushed mint leaves over ice. Makes one serving. Sounds like it would never taste like a mojito but believe me, it does.
      Just don’t reach for the white rum 😉


  2. Gorgeous photos! Have you been to Harrogate to visit Betty’s? And then there is Fountains Abbey which is great for a long, long walk, an Abbey and you definitely need a picnic! Mind, I haven’t been for a while with my 14 yr old daughter! Haha what sort of places do you want to visit? And I will have a think. 😃


    1. I discovered Fountains Abbey last year for the first time (ridiculous, huh?) and absolutely loved it. So anything similar. Any where with a grand house and fabulous gardens. And a tea room to tempt my 13 year old to come with me.


      1. Will have a think. I live in Darlington which is just bordering North Yorkshire and have to say there are not many houses up here which are National Trust. Have you been to Harewood House? Near Leeds? That’s a lovely place…it was where the Tour de France started?


          1. I just wish they would bring out the dress fabric and it would be easy to create some dresses. I made her a flowery skirt from some fabric but we love the seaside one and the safari one. Yesterday we spotted a dress with clocks on…that would be cool!


  3. I love stately homes and gardens! Castle Howard looks beautiful, living in the South West we have yet to explore North Yorkshire but it is certainly on the wish list of places to visit! Lovely photos of your visit 🙂 Nicola x


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