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I like to think that between my mum and myself, we have many of the skills to tackle most things wedding related. I choose the things I knew I could do well, without a huge amount of pressure falling on us in the lead up to the day, and opted to bring in others when I couldn’t. Without splitting myself in two, I knew I couldn’t do everything.
I knew I wanted to do my own flowers. I knew I didn’t want to spend my flower budget completely on blooms that we would only appreciate for a short time on the day and would wither very soon after. I was very drawn to the idea that my flowers, or at least the table centres, would live to see another day.

Back in February I started making these

You can see my paper rose tutorial here.

Also back in February I visited my local garden centre and bought 30 small ivy plants working out at about, with the discounts at the garden centre at the time, £1 per pot. I repotted 2 to 3 ivy plants into one larger pot and left them outside to grow for the next 4 months, making sure they didn’t dry out.

They grew quite alot!Ivy Roll forward to June. Having made over 150 roses, I started to attach my paper flowers onto wooden kebab sticks. Wiring paper rosesSome, I wired. These would be used within the bouquets. You can read about the wiring and sticking here. Wiring paper roses To any flowers that had open centres, I glued a pearl bead.Wiring paper roses There were so many roses, but we used them all!

Around 50 were set aside for the lady who made my cake

A carrot cake top layer, a dummy centre layer and a zingy lemon bottom layer.
A carrot cake top layer, a dummy centre layer and a zingy lemon bottom layer.

I had 13 table centres to create. These would also be used to decorate the room in which the wedding ceremony would be held and then moved onto the tables. My mum and I set to work in the garden on the day before the ‘Big Day’. I had already had a trial run back in February so we were quite relaxed about what we were doing.

Preparation in the garden
Preparation in the garden

We wrapped the base of the plastic plant pots (with holes in the bottom!) in foil and then again in plastic freezer bags. I had previously sewn up some hessian covers and we stuck this to the lip of the pots using a glue gun.Hessian covers for plant pots To each table centre we added 4 or 5 paper roses (on kebab sticks)and 3 fresh ivory roses, just bought that day from the local supermarket. Wedding rosesIvy and rose wedding table centres They looked wonderful all lined up.Ivy and rose wedding table centres We gave them a water and left them in the shade down the side of the house. Next mum started on the bouquets. I had to admit I left it mostly up to her, for she is the expert when it comes to flowers, except for a few words of ‘yes, that looks nice’, and ‘no, too much’. We had cut some of the long trails of ivy and soaked them in a bucket over night.Ivy We had a few ideas on my Pinterest board but mostly these simple bouquets just evolved. Paper flower weding bouquet I wasn’t wearing a big dress so I didn’t need a ‘big’ bouquet.Wedding bouquets My daughter, Freya’s bouquet was entirely made from paper roses with ivy wrapped around the perimeter. We thought she could keep it afterwards. Mine was a mixture of paper and real ivory roses.Wedding bouquets

Glad I got married before she grew too tall
Glad I got married before she grew too tall

We dropped the tables centres  off at the venue that afternoon; they had a wonderfully cool cellar built into the rock at the back of the pub. Yes, I did say pub. We got married in a pub, did I tell you? The Woodman Inn in Thunderbridge, Huddersfield. Take a sneaky look here, if you like.

We didn’t see them again until the following day.


Can't remember what we were laughing at!
Can’t remember what we were laughing at!

And here

Table settings
Table settings

And here

Wedding centres
Sat on the beautiful stone window sils

Of course many of my guests took one home to nurture. I have one too. The once fresh roses have long since gone.Ivy But I still have my pot of ivy and a few paper ones.

And I have plans for one of these at Christmas.paper rose wreath Love, Lucie xx


  1. Your whole wedding looks as if it was so lovely Lucie. Those paper roses are gorgeous, and lovely that you can keep at least part of the bouquets afterwards. Looking forward to seeing the paper rose wreath come Christmas time!


    1. I might regret the promise of the paper rose wreath!
      Enjoying being married. Even when we’ve been together 10 years it does feel a little different (good different) to be married.


  2. I have been looking forward to seeing your paper roses in the bouquets and table decorations and I must say they look even better than I had imagined. Using paper to make the roses is such a lovely idea. You looked so lovely, very elegant, and the bouquets were just beautiful.


    1. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed all the planning and managed not to get stressed or loose sleep about it at all. But I’m so glad to turn my hand to other things now!


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