Offset Warehouse Competition

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I thoroughly enjoyed making my entry to the Offset Warehouse competition.

Divided fabric bucket for the offset warehouse competition
My divided bucket bag Offset Warehouse entry

I was provided with the materials and I got to make something I had never made before. Something I will make time and time again, the pattern was so successful.

However the deserving winner was Miriam with her block print dress. Funny how we both chose the same fabric.

Miriam Fisher’s lovely winning dress

What I really want to say is thank you very much to everyone who voted for me.
It was a lot of fun and my project bag is in full use.

Love Lucie x


  1. aaaww, sorry you didn’t win! i suppose a lot of people (based on the blogs that started it off) would be garment sewists who might be more likely to vote for a garment? your entry was lovely and you have a really cute basket made out of their lovely fabric!


  2. I think you are right and voting can be skewed in that sort of scenario. I remember one month when Maryanne’s Monthly Challenge voting winner suddenly got a huge number of votes towards the end and it seemed a bit strange to me. I think yes you have to enter for the fun of taking part or choose competitions where the voting is more circumscribed.


    1. Thank you very much. I’ve closed my Folksy shop for now but am looking to open it again with new stock after my wedding in July so watch this space.


  3. i absolutely love your bucket bag – it should have won i reckon, very creative and love how you used the fabric so creatively


  4. I am sorry you didn’t win, but I really love your lovely bag! And truly, it is more practical than the pretty dress. You win in my book!


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