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I’m sure many of you know that I’m one of the Minerva Crafts (a huge online textile, yarn and craft shop based in Darwen, Lancashire) network bloggers. As a network blogger I get the opportunity to take my pick of fabrics or yarn from the shop and write a post each month about what I have made.
This works well for both myself and the shop. The shop sells the fabrics used in kit form to its customers and I, by choosing carefully, get to make a needed item for myself or a gift I need to source for another, from free materials!
But did you know that the Minerva Crafts Network Bloggers Sewing Blog recently won an award for ‘Best Sewing Blog 2013’ awarded by  the British Sewing Awards?

Minerva crafts really want to celebrate the success of the blog by providing a day when not only the bloggers on the network can all meet and get to know each other and the people behind the scenes at Minerva, but also when any blog readers and other Minerva customers can meet up too and basically have a fun day talking about sewing and crafting!
The day is happening on the Saturday the 14th June and you are all invited!!!!

There is a superb itinerary of talks, craft courses and networking (drinking tea and chatting) planned.

So do any of you live in the area? I’m travelling across from Yorkshire with fellow blogger Louise of the blog Sew Sensational. It would be great to put some faces to names and blogs.
What do you think? Could you make it?

Love, Lucie x

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