Busy times and growing pains.

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I’m sure everyone experiences those times when life just gets busy.

When the deadlines for all those things you thought were a good idea all seem to converge within a week.

When you are really busy at work but at the same time trying to fit in orthodontist appointments(daughter) and revisits when newly fitted braces rub and become lose.

When you have a wedding to plan for and you have a list, and a hundred other ideas, for things that you want to do and know you can do really well, and not pay the earth for.

When addressing 40 envelopes for the wedding invitations suddenly seems like a huge job.

When updating a blog becomes not the highest priority.

I did squeeze in this though. The brief from my daughter was for a pencil case that exactly fitted her felt tips, that stood up on her desk and that wouldn’t mark whilst knocking about in the bottom of her school bag.

When new braces hurt, and growing up becomes painful, who could say no?

Oil cloth pencil case
Oil cloth pencil case



Oil cloth pencil case
Oil cloth – somewhat of a challenge to sew when it’s a little fiddly
Oil cloth pencil case
Lovely pattern to the oil cloth



Love, Lucie xx


  1. That is super cute. I wish that I was better at sewing. I’m thinking about making some curtains in the near future. I am sure that will make for an interesting blog post.


    1. I started out by making curtains. A great way to get into sewing. My advice is to get a good book showing all the basics. I refer to mine time and time again, especially when measuring up.


  2. Lucky daughter! I remember just having to put up with mine rubbing yonks ago. And they messed up my teeth anyway, after the NHS put me through 5-6 orthodontists with different opinions. I never got a pencil case out of that ordeal. That would at least have gone some way to make up for things lol.
    Lovely handiwork! And you’ve seriously been busy. Sure it’ll all be very worth it in the end 😀


  3. Sometimes we need more hours a day, although we would grow into that too. I admire you for making such a pretty pencil case while being so busy. Wish you could learn me to like sewing with a sewing machine….
    Enjoy you day!


    1. Another trip to the orthodontist, some bonjela and some brace wax seems to have calmed everything down now. She was pleased to come back from her dad’s to see her pencil case.


  4. I know that feeling Lucie! Try and take some time out for you though, especially as you’ll need all your energy for the wedding. Incidentally though, is the case made of vinyl, and is it hard to do?


    1. My OH is always telling me that!. There is a lot of tut, tutting being heard from him at the moment as I’ve been at work late a lot this week.
      The vinyl is tricky but I came up with a solution.
      When sewing ‘right sides together’ it is no more tricky than normal but when it comes to top stitching (around the zip)the fabric just doesn’t move along under the foot. Keeping the zipper foot on, I laid a piece of ribbon just adjacent to the row of stitches and let the foot travel along that. I would use this technique again and use the zipper foot even when not sewing around a zip.


      1. Very helpful suggestions. I’m not sure the tutting will be helpful, but I guess it means he cares? I don’t think I could face another wedding after my last one lol, but I trust yours will be lovely 😀


    1. Yes, we’ve got over the initial pain. Lots of bonjela and brace wax and an alteration at the orthodontist helped. She’s also getting used to no gum, no sticky sweets, nothing too sugary, nothing too chewy and no fizzy drinks. Apparently the fizz dissolves the brace glue – who knew? So that’s even diet coke out of the window. She is busy making smoothies for herself so she’ll be the healthiest one of us all!


  5. Oh how I remember the days of painful braces! Let your lovely daughter know it will be totally worth it. Plus, that pencil/pen case? Could be a very cute make-up case too! I wish I could sew. Or maybe I should rephrase that ~ I wish I could sew like a sober person. I sew like a drunk person. Maybe I should get drunk and try to sew. Do you think I could sew a straight line under the influence? I sure can’t when I’m stone cold sober.

    Once again you amaze me with your accomplishments. Good luck with the wedding preparations!


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