London and Liberty

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A girls-only day trip to London this past Wednesday meant that my daughter and I could indulge in all the things we love and please only ourselves.
After catching the train from Wakefield we arrived at Bucks Palace for our 11.15 time slot. A tour of the palace, including taking in the display of the painstakingly embroidered coronation robes, started our day off on a high note.
Lunch in the park allowed us to rest briefly before hot footing it down to Regent Street.
Here we ventured into Hamley’s;a first for us both where Freya decreed that it was indeed the best top shop in the whole world, especially after viewing the Harry Potter display and the Royals built in Lego.
Next, after being dragged through Hollister, we arrived at the famous Liberty.
Like a kid in a sweet shop I took in the fabric display. Half a metre of Tana Lawn was purchased, Petal and Bud A, something I had promised myself when the trip was planned.

Liberty Tana Lawn
Liberty Tana Lawn – Petal Bud A

A street performance and dinner at Covent Garden completed our lovely day before a snooze on the trip back home.

I waved my daughter goodbye today for a week in North Wales with my parents. I busied myself with taking a piece of my fabric and turning it into a long needed needle case. It will remind me of a lovely day.


Love, Lucie xx


    1. Ha, ha. My plan was to look and buy only half a meter of my favourite and then source future Tana Lawn purchases as cheaper seconds from Very Berry Fabrics on Folksy. They wrapped my half meter in tissue as though it was the crown jewels!


      1. isn’t quality customer service a dream? I like the plan to check out the patterns and then buy them cheaper elsewhere. I’ll have to check out Very Berry Fabrics… not that I need fabric….


    1. Try Very Berry Fabrics on Folksy for Tana Lawn seconds. Perfect for patchwork. This is my next stop. On the day I just wanted the pleasure of buying from Liberty and walking around with a little purple bag!


  1. Sounds like a really great day out. Your needlecase is really lovely. Have you seen the needlecase from scraps challenge, though your liberty material is too nice to be called a scrap.


  2. Well done for not buying the WHOLE shop – it’s always so tempting isn’t it!! Love the needle case, a lovely memento of what sounds like a lovely girls’ day out ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Lovely fabric! I’ve been in the process of making a very complicated needle case for some time but I’m going to make one inspired by you – so simple yet so effective! Thanks for sharing x


  4. Ohhh I love days out in London like that and Liberty was always my Mum’s treat when we went up to town for a day (so much so, that it’s now one of my favourite shops!) Lovely needle case ๐Ÿ™‚ Simmi xx


    1. Hello. Yes we had a lovely day. I’d not been to Liberty before with usually having a man in tow. Looking forward to many more visits with my daughter now she is a little older.


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