Craft Fair number 6. Hit or miss?

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After a break from the craft fair scene for a couple of months, when I have throughly enjoyed creating purely for myself; I am once again putting myself out there, in front of the public.

The Emley Show is a typical Yorkshire Agricultural Show. There will be plenty of competition with hundreds of cattle, sheep, horses and pig vying for coveted trophies.

There will be dog agility classes, stone walling competitions, cakes, bakes and jams all put through their paces.

Live music, theatrical entertainment and even a tractor parade will entertain the thousands of people who flock to this annual event.

There is a food tent, a beer tent and a very large craft tent!

My very first stall
My very first craft fair, February 2013

Tomorrow’s craft fair stall, and my next two, was booked and paid for many months ago as the agricultural fair craft tents stalls are very quickly taken up once released.

Me on my stall
Me on my stall at the second(very cold) craft fair in a large engine shed
 It would be really lovely to come away with £100 in my purse. My stock has mostly been made from fabric purchased at the beginning of the year and I paid for the stall many moons ago; so £100 would feel like a real bonus.
My third stall
Disappointing craft fair number 3

My most successful fair was my first one. I came back disappointed with about £60 but that was a whole lot more than I have ever taken since!

Craft Fair number 4. Wakefield town centre
Craft Fair number 4. Wakefield town centre
Craft stall at Xscape Craft Fair May 2013
Craft stall at Xscape Craft Fair May 2013

I  have mentioned in an earlier post that these next couple of fairs will be make or break for me on the craft fair scene. After these next couple, for which I am attending purely because I have already paid and would hate to have wasted a coveted space, I may hang my stall bunting permanently above my craft space at home as a reminder that at least I had a go!

I will, of course, report back.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Wishing you all the best with your craft fairs, it is always difficult to receive the right value for the products you produce. I think customers at fairs often think that because goods are on a stall they should be cheaper than in a store rather than appreciating the workmanship they would be getting for their money. Your products look great so here’s hoping your public show some appreciation.


  2. Being a craft show veteran I can safely say it takes a while to get in the groove. I persisted and now I’ve found shows that cater to my crowd and sales are great. I hope things go great for you; you’ve got some really cute things!


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