Can you tell what it is yet?

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I have started my gecko!

Gecko head
Gecko head

The instructions are written in a way I’ve never seen before but are really easy to follow once you get the hang of it.


Crochet gecko head

I’ve gone for bright tropical colours.

You are advised to stuff it as you go along, which I’ve done. It’s nice to see the shape forming as you go.

I’m looking forward to progressing it along tonight.

Crochet gecko head

Just a reminder of my inspiration.

Free crochet gecko pattern
Free crochet gecko pattern

The pattern for these and lots of other gecko photos can be found here

Crochet GeckoCrochet gecko gold gecko grey gecko

Love Lucie xx


  1. Dear Lucie,
    thank you for publishing the test-crocheters and my gecko-pictures on your blog! You’ve chosen very nice colours for your reptile. I’m very curious about your animal, if it is done. And I would be delighted, if you’ll show your finished gecko in my gecko-gallery on ravelry.

    Thank you very much and happy crocheting wishes you
    Raphaela Blumenbunt,
    the Gecko-Frecko-designer
    from Germany


    1. I am having great difficulty with this pattern. Do the nobs on the back line up all the way down its body or do they rotate around the body slightly. I really want to complete this but I am so stuck I cant figure it out. I have been crocheting and pattern reading for around 30 years, but this one has gotten the best of me:(


      1. I too found that my knobs rotated which I didn’t like. I thought it was just me!
        So I went with instinct and put my knobs where they looked the best. Because of the increases and decreases they never line up completely but always within a stitch.
        Hope that helps.


    1. Wow! It looks amazing. I’ll be following your progress and include it on one of my blog posts.
      I’m from the UK. Children’s sizes here generally follow ages. 2 to 3 years, 3 to 4 years but sizing is not very consistent.


  2. Lucie, maybe you are interested to test my translated knitting-instruction? If my six German testknitters will be finished their dolls, I will look for a native speaker to correct my translation into English — to avoid some stupid mistakes in my instructions . . . 🙂


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