Crochet pin cushion

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Nothing completed this weekend, although many things which are almost there.
So I thought I’d share a most enjoyable make.
My crochet pin cushion.

The inspiration came from this site, via a pin on Pinterest.

Beautiful Crochet Pin Cushion by 'Just Carol'
Beautiful Crochet Pin Cushion by ‘Just Carol’

Mine is a little larger as I wanted it a little weighty so it stayed put on my work bench.
20130623-205724.jpgI also added some weight with a bag of rice in the base.

Here is my arty shot! I’ll definitely use the oil cloth as a back drop again.


Have a lovely crafty week.

Love, Lucie xx

See this post linked to hookin up on hump day 50 on mymessylife


  1. Lovely pin cushion – I need to make another one and putting rice in the bottom to give it weight is a great idea. I used to have black and white dotty oilcloth (well, pvc actually!) on my table, until my children made a nice big hole in it – I miss it, it makes a great background for photos.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m going to keep an eye out for some neutral oil cloth for backdrop in the future. It’s great that it doesn’t kink like my usual paper backdrop.


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