A tale of two blazers

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My green blazer of dreams! But, it was second time lucky!

I first came across this blazer pattern late 2021, in one of the last Selfmade (previously Stoff and Stil) hard copy paper catalogues I loved to receive. It was exactly what I had seen in the shops but was either to expensive to justify ( when I knew I should be making one myself) or of too poor a quality.

I was taken with the blazer and noticing that you could buy the whole thing as a kit, including the correct interfacing, sleeve header and shoulder pads (all the things I did not have in my possession) I took the plunge and bought the pale beige version it for around £65.

Unfortunately you can only purchase a single size at a time and the pattern itself arrives already cut out in a fabric very similar (or perhaps it is) to a sew in interfacing. I was actually very confused at this and contacted Selfmade to ask where the paper copy was!!

Erring on the side of caution, I had gone up half a size to a size 40. With hindsight I should have basted the cut out fabric template together and tried it on, a huge advantage of the fabric pattern pieces. But it didn’t even cross my mind to do so.

I had sat looking at this kit for at least 6months before taking the plunge, completely in awe of the number of pieces and all the fusing of interfacing required and the lack of detailed instructions. So when I finally built up the courage, I thought I would just dive in and make up the size 40 with no heed to adjustments. I would just , ‘have a go’!

Well, it turns out that I loved making this blazer! The sewing took less time than the long cutting out process and fusing.

It was a bit of a head scratcher on occasion but I had done each step before on various jackets and shirt makes.

Then I tried it on….. it was too big!

However my daughter absolutely loves it ( and so she should, because it is beautiful!) and has been wearing it for work.

However all was not lost. I had learnt so much.

Straight away I ordered the size 38 together with several sets of sleeve heads and shoulder pads and made up my frog green heavy crepe blazer.

This fabric, bought from a closing down sale, is heavier than the pale beige drill but still works just as well and producing my ‘going out’ blazer of dreams.

I love my finished blazer. It is just the sort of oversize I was going for and just what I have seen in shops such as Reiss or Whistles.

This is the inside, just before adding the lining. So proud of my sleeve head and shoulder pad. It made me feel like a proper sewist!!

And the lining

The fit on the size 38 is so much better but I’m glad I did not go down a further size as there would be insufficient ease around my hips. I’m sure I would not even have noticed other improvements that could be made, if I had bought it in the shops, but I’m going to point them all out to you!!

So adjustments to be made next time include shortening the arms by 1 inch. Looking at these images I’m actually going to go back in and do this now as it is an easy fix and think it’ll improve the proportions slightly.

Next time I’ll also narrow the shoulders by 1/2inch on the back, easing out to nothing on the top of the shoulder.

And depending on what look I was going for, and the fabric choice, I think I would shorten the length a couple of inches too.

Regarding the instructions, I liked the brevity of them and the slightly quirky nature of the translation from Danish to English and along with the dozen drawings but I wouldn’t recommend them without a few shirts and jackets under your belt to understand some of the steps.

Whilst I’m still riding on a high, I’ve dived straight into another lined jacket. This time Butterick 6862 in a blue linen mix.

Fingers crossed this one fits!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. What a beautiful colour and it looks so great on you! Blazers and jackets are such a rewarding make even if they do take lots of time. I do like the pockets on the Butterick envelope, can’t wait to see your new blazer.


  2. So glad to see your beautiful blazer Lucy, love the colour. I have been dithering as of late, buying several blazer patterns in the pattern sales and have actually bought the material from Waltons fabric shop. I now feel inspired to have a go. I am not a quick sewer, so it may take a while.

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  3. Hi Lucie

    I am a fellow sewist from Brisbane Australia, and I receive your emails and look at your Pattern Review comments. I always admire your makes.

    I especially like your comments about which size to choose which I really, really struggle with. I have just ‘wasted’ a full sewing day today (Sunday) here, procrastinating about the size of the Itch to Stitch Uvita tee shirt (having traced out the Mandy Boat tee and decided against it). I notice I have many of the same patterns, and am still vascillating on the sizing, eg Roscoe blouse, Elodie dress.

    If it wasn’t too much of an intrusion would you be able to let me know your measurements. I realise you are shorter than me (5”3”) and I am 5”6” but it always assists me to then decide on the size, as you talk about sizing up or down in various areas.

    I hope this isn’t too creepy, but it is a genuine request. I have a high bust 35.5”; full bust 38.5”; waist 31.5” high hip 37”; full hip 39.5”.

    Thanks Lucie, Chris

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    1. Hi Chris. Good to hear you like my posts! No problem with giving out my measurements. Bust 35.5, waist 31, Hip 37. I have lost a little weight recently. My high bust is 33 inches.
      With regards to choosing a size I always check the ease. This article gives all the ease you need for different types of garments and different styles, e.g. fitted, loose fitted, oversize etc. I find it really useful https://charlottekan.com/blogs/sewingblog/what-is-ease-in-sewing-wearing-ease-design-ease-negative-ease-explained


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