Long haul flight blanket coat

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You may have gathered that I’m going on holiday!!

I get can get cold on long flights which can lead me to a stiff shoulder/neck/back. Basically it can make the flight miserable and I don’t think those flight blankets give any sort of warmth at all!

So I wanted a snuggly warm but not bulky cover up. And of course it had to be stylish!

After searching lots of ready to wear long cardigans of dubious quality or great expense, this popped up on my Instagram feed.

What I didn’t know was that the designer of Liesl And Co ( love her patterns!) designs a line for Butterick!!

This is the Lisette B6244 for Butterick. There are many examples on Instagram, both long sleeve ones and also summer time sleeveless layering pieces and even some furry ones!

I nipped down to Waltons Fabrics in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire. They always have a huge selection of dead stock wools or coatings.

I came back with the grey wool but also a camel which I still intend to make up.

It is a semi-fitted, unlined coat (wrong side shows) has front extending into collar, flat-fell seams, narrow hem, and shaped front hemline longer than back. There is also a lined dress that comes as part of the pattern with shoulder yokes, fitted bodice with side-front and side-back seams, and invisible back zipper.

I choose the size in accordance with my bust. It is a perfect fit across the back, any smaller would have been to small here.

One huge tip


The attaching of the integral collar to the back piece screws with your mind until you read the instructions!!

Luckily there is a sew along tutorial on the Liesl and Co Blog for this coat which was really useful for the collar. It suddenly all became clear!!

I ended up basting to get a really good finish on the collar.

You do have to be neat for a good finish. All the seams are flat felled seams, even to the unfathomable one around the neck line. And yes, it is possible to finish the long arm seams with flat felled seams even with this wool. It’s fiddly and you have to approach the seam from both ends, but it is possible.

You also have to be neat with your hems as they are all on show too!!

And did I mention I also made a belt?

And added belt loops. I didn’t want an accident with the belt in the airplane loo!

It’s just what I imagined

See you when I get back!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Beautiful! You will be the best dressed lady on holiday!! Have a lovely time. Can’t wait to see your Spring/ Summer sews when you return

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