Style Arc Monty Shirt

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This is the Style Arc Monty Shirt. It comes as a dress too.

It’s been saved on my Instagram for simply ages.

During my research I read that other sewers have been underwhelmed by the position of the fake pocket flaps on the bust, but I liked them.

I could not have sewn this shirt up using the Style Arc instructions alone. I think if you had made up a jacket or two using this type of collar construction, you would be fine but I have only done it once before so whilst the technique seemed familiar it was not intuitive.

TomKatStitchery to the rescue with her 6 part sew along! This, along with the instruction images, got me through the collar!

I knew the shirt came up cropped. I added 10cm to the length to the pattern pieces. I’ve turned up the bottom using a 3cm deep hem. I intend to wear this hanging over the top of my trousers for work as it gets warmer but you would need to lengthen it further for tucking in.

The Style Arc pattern helpfully (read sarcasm – definitely not helpfully!!) provides finished garment measurements only on their patterns, not body measurements, so the first thing you have to do is work out what size you need based on the amount of ease you want.

There is a Women’s Size Chart on the Style Arc website here.

However, if you go on the Foldline website, you’ll find both the Women’s size chart and garment measurements for the pattern amongst the pattern images

I know for a loose fitting shirt you need around 7 inches of ease around the bust. So the Women’s size chart and garment measurement chart married up nicely with 6 inches of ease.

I was just under a size 10 (36.2 inches). I’m roughly 35.5 inches. This shirt fits perfectly.

For a shirt it’s a relatively quick make with a grown on short sleeve ( no cuffs!) and no separate button band.

This is a light/medium crepe from my stash. It is absolutely perfect for this pattern.

I really love it and now I’ve cracked the collar, will be making more for work. Some in a plain fabric would be useful.

Love, Lucie xx

EDIT – See my 70’s version here


  1. Love your Monty shirts Lucie. I love this pattern too, and agree I haven’t had a problem with the pocket flaps either. You’ve encouraged me to dig the pattern out and make another one now!

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