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Minerva are running a #sewnwithnewlook challenge during the month of January. The Minerva Ambassadors were invited to choose a pattern to make up.

Not being a great user of New Look patterns, finding their pattern covers quite un-inspirational, I chose something simple but with something where I might pick up a new skill.

Hence this excellent little V neck top.

This is Newlook6644

I was initially drawn to the trousers, and I still am, but made up the top as I had some fine drapey knits in my stash that I had been searching for a suitable pattern for.

It is a simple pull-on v-neck top with long sleeves and waistband, designed for stretch knits only.

It is cropped, which is a new silhouette for me, and a ‘proper’ V neck. A proper V neck in that the neck band meets in the bottom of the V in a vertical seam.

I had always thought this was difficult to pull off successfully without a pucker at the bottom but the v neck neckband went in very easily, much to my surprise. The only thing I changed to the method was to use some iron-on tape before I stayed-stitched the ‘V’ in the main fabric. This was particularly important with this being a fairly loosely woven knit and was a tip I picked up from The Sew House Seven Tabor V Neck Sweater. I think the trick is to be brave enough to snip right up to the V shaped stay stitching.

I made the size in accordance with bust measurement. My fabrics were a white viscose linen knit from Discovery Knitting, manufacturers in the UK, and a slinky loose weave slightly stretchy grey knit that I’ve had for over 5 years and probably from Abakhan.

I think this would make a great T shirt pattern for the summer.

A super quick make on the overlocker apart from the initial setting in of the neckband.

And one I would have never considered.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Absolutely love both of them. The trouser look good too. It’s a real shame that pattern instructions don’t tell you things like ‘use iron on tape’ in the V. Making garments that don’t work well is so disappointing and puts you off sewing.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Such a simple step too. One I picked up from the Tabor V neck by Sew House Seven. The pattern does include instructions for stay tape on the shoulders, but not the v, itโ€™s bizarre


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