Staley Pullover Top and T shirt

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In my quest for a comfy but stylish ‘working from home’ wardrobe I bought the Staley Top pattern from Elbe Textiles after seeing the versions sewn up by AlexJudgeSews and SoSewMad on Youtube.

The Staley Top comes with two patterns, perfect for layering together. View A is a cropped jumper, featuring a split hem detail that is slightly longer at the back. View B is a semi fitted t-shirt with a scooped neckline and a curved hem.

The armscye and sleeve head are the same for both views, which makes it easy to wear them together without bunching at the armsyce. You can also mix the sleeves up which I think is a great idea!

The necklines are designed so you can see the T shirt neckline within the pullover top neckline.

There’s also 2 cup size options B cup and a combined C/D cup.

This gorgeous unusual knitted cameo fabric was from Coalville Fabrics on facebook. Coalville fabrics sell an eclectic mix of varying quality fabrics in 3m pieces at incredibly cheap prices. It’s very easy to get carried away and end up with a lot of fabric you might never use but sometimes you drop on an absolute gem. Such is this super soft, warm, cosy, knitted something or other with plenty of stretch but not much of a natural fibre!

The navy t shirt beneath is a light viscose jersey, a remnant from Sherwood Fabrics.

I made up a size C in the B cup for both garments.

But I did need to make a change to the Pullover.

I made it up in accordance with the pattern but the bottom band, which was a little shorter in width than the width of the pullover top, just did not suit this fabric and made it pull up and gather at the front and back.

So I unpicked it and cut out a piece the same width as the garment width, and a little longer as it felt a little too cropped on me.

This was much better, and the T’shirt is still just long enough to peek out below this slightly lengthened top.

I love the shape of the neck line of both the T shirt and the pullover and shall use them again.

I think I would lengthen the T shirt by an inch in length next time, to match the additional inch I added to the pullover.

I really love the intentional layering of these 2 pieces. I feel very much ‘put together’!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Thanks for reviewing this on PR and had to hop over to see more details. This seems to be a great pattern and with cooler weather coming to my area, perfect tops to wear layered.!!!

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