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Well working from home is looking like remaining the norm for the next few months.

So I’ve been working on increasing my easy care, easy wear winter basics that I can layer up before succumbing to putting on the heating!

First off the block are these 2 Tilly and the Button Cocos in a size 3 in accordance with my measurements.

I’ve made them before but making something again a couple of years later has allowed me to tweak the fit although these issues were something I didn’t even see the first time around!

I’ve taken out some of the flare at the hip and removed a wedge causing some bulging at the front of the arm syce, adding it into the back and moving the shoulder seam half an inch forward. All forward shoulder issues.

I also wanted to try to emulate the finishes of my old Boden bretons which I think has made them stand up to the washing machine for years, so finished off the neckline with tape.

And added tape reinforced slits to the side hems.

These gorgeous soft cotton medium weight jerseys from MyFabrics are a pleasure to wear and wash wonderfully.

Next, a couple of Itch to Stitch Uvitas

Anyone else changed their sewing plans recently?

Love, Lucie xx

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  1. Beautiful shirt…Love the taped neckline! (No wonder since I like this finish on wovens.) Do you use knit bias tape? (Zig zag stitch, double needle, or ?) Does this pattern have directions for sewing with a regular machine? (I’m looking for a pattern for the Sewcialists’ November ‘mini’ TNTee challenge.)
    Kudos for not turning on your heat yet. (I used to wait until November…)


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