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It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been on here. The second lock down was a different experience for me with seemingly less time for myself. I think the dawning that this blumming virus was not going away any time soon and the realisation that we would not see our families and friends in the usual way for some time to come had a big effect on me. Sleep, work, cook, sleep, work, cook seemed to become a daily grind. I did sew, but in tiny snatched moments. Thankfully my 2 cycling buddies and getting outside whenever I could has kept me sane.

And I’m happy to say this Christmas break is doing me the world of good, giving me plenty of time to sleep, cycle, walk and of course sew!!!!

This is a fab pattern that’ll last me for years as our Grandson grows.

This year I’ve moved up a size; to age 5. Henry is 5 in a few months time. I would say this a pretty perfect fit with growing room. This is the Pattydoo Paul T shirt pattern which is a unisex pattern (18mths – 11yrs) with multiple options for a hood, kangaroo pocket etc. so is incredibly versatile.

Whilst we are unable to see him in the present circumstances I hope that these tops will at least remind Henry of us!

I made this first one in November and sent it off to enable him to wear through December.

I’m please to report it became a firm favourite!

This soft cotton jersey came from MyFabrics . I find My Fabrics the very best source of children’s fabrics, especially for boys. I just need to remember to plan ahead as orders take 7 – 10 days to arrive from this Germany based shop.

I also bought several half metres of ribbing from Flamingo Fabrics in various colours to give me plenty of options for necklines for now and the future .

Then for Christmas I made up this fabulous dinosaur panel into another Paul top.

This was also from My Fabrics. It’s now out of stock but this is similar

The sequins are reversible!!

I washed the fabric in the machine prior to making up and thankfully lost no sequins whatsoever.

Finally this is the top of a set of pyjamas.

This cotton jersey came from Minerva and was trimmed from my ribbing stock.

Taking minimal fabric and minimal time but producing lovely lovely garments, I loved making up these.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Lovely tops. I found the
    Ottobredesign mags great for patterns for my boys when they were young – lots of hoodie/trouser/ t shirt patterns and I learnt a lot from their instructions too.

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