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I fancied a solid colour skirt for my holiday. Something that didn’t stick to my legs in the heat. Something which kept any breeze circulating around my legs.

Here is my New look 6106

We are currently on holiday in Greece, on a island off Athens called Hydra. After a 8 hour delay in Luton Airport, thanks to an irreparable plane, missing our connecting ferry and a late impromptu one night stay in Athens we are glad to be here!

But it was worth it for this view

So back to the skirt and some hotel mirror selfies.

Its an a-line skirt with big deep pockets.

For structure I used a fab yellow heavy weight cotton fabric from Fine Fabrics Of Harrogate, picked up during a recent sewers meet up.

It has an overlapped zip and a curved waist band. I wouldn’t use an overlapped zip again with heavy fabric, it doesn’t quite sit flat enough, but you live and learn.

I cut out the size according to my measurements but took it in 5mm down both sides for this perfect fit. It has topstitching around the pockets. I hand stitched the hem for a clean finish.

It is completely practical and being a solid colour goes with everything.

Hope the weather is being kind to you wherever you are. We’ve 5 more days here, then 3 more sightseeing in Athens.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. What? You’re on holiday? That’s not like you. 🤣
    That is the perfect holiday skirt.
    I’ve just got some new fabric in off the washing line and it’s all orange or ochre or yellow – I’ve got a thing for those colours at the moment as, it seems, have you.
    You could say the weather is being kind here but I don’t find over 30 degrees particularly kind and it’s been like that for a couple of weeks now – even the dogs won’t go out in it after about 10a.m.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and, not to spoil the mood or anything but, while you were busy posing, somebody was drowning behind you.

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  2. Looks fabulous. I have that pattern and a skirt all cut out since last summer which I have not got around to sewing up. I have made it before as my Christmas skirt and it is a truly comfortable skirt isn’t it? Jo x

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    1. Yes, it really is. I can see another in a print for next summer. Funny how a structured skirt in a heavy cotton can be so (relatively) cool and comfortable x


  3. Really cheering colour and very holidayish! I mut say I find NL patterns very good. Last time I made one from an indie designer there was one step I just couldn’t figure out (slightly strange back button band construction) – asked two others, and they couldn’t either. So I just sewed it up as a seam in the end, which worked fine. That never happens with NL.

    Bet the lovely yellow gives you a little lift every time you look at it!

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  4. Yiur skirt look great and I love the colour! I’ve made quite a few skirts this year and they have been lovely to wear. Currently finishing off my third Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress, another fabulous items for Summer!! I hope you had a great holiday, looks lovely!

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