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This is a catch up post. Sometimes I’d rather spend my time crafting than writing and recently I’ve become hooked on Instagram (love_lucie) , finding it so quick to post and watch others’ daily updates.

However I still enjoy the slower pace of the blog, both the reading of blogs and the writing of posts. I remember when I started the blog, nearly 3 years ago, I was concerned to read that blogs were coming to a natural end and everyone was moving onto the faster paced media channels of Utube and Tumbler and Instagram.

I’m glad the blog is still around. The blog doesn’t suddenly start blaring out of my computer when I’m sat in my office with my door open. The blog doesn’t use up my phone battery or data when streaming video, the blog allows me to pick up, read, put down when interrupted, pick up again, recap. I like a still image and the written word.

Any, back to the finished things.

I’ve completed my third jewelry pouch. It’s the blue and white one. The pattern taken from the Zakka Embroidery book.

These are in regular use in my ‘Bling Box’

I’ve stretched my finished flower meadow embroidery. I can see many more of this type of embroidery on the horizon.


And finally I’ve sent off another Morris the Monkey to my husband’s grandson to replace the first.

The fun bit is when you wake him up.

Do you think Henry will notice the imposter; Morris the Monkey the 2nd? (Morris the 1st is on the right)

I’ve 3 other things on the go, but Birthdays and special days need to pass before I share those with you.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I would say Morris won’t be recognised for an imposter but you never know with kids.
    I don’t really ‘do’ Instagram as I don’t use my phone or iPad for social media and the desktop isn’t suited to it . I imagine, if you are out at work or run a business it’s a must but the writing’s the thing for me so a blog is where I’m happiest. Plus, I’m not sure I’d feel such a connection with people through IG – it’s not as personal as a blog. I suppose the blog will fade away eventually though as people don’t take the time, or are too busy, to read anything longer.


    1. I agree about IG, it is not as personal. However now I’ve got my feed down to people who’s work I love, I love IG as a distraction for 10mins. So I can see the attraction.
      I would always use my blog as a personal craft diary as I think others do too but it’s quite an interesting point that in general, people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter.


  2. I had to make a new clothkits doll for my four year old after the first went on an extended adventure in France. She never questioned it, not even when she just magically reappeared in the living room and I just said that someone had found her and sent her back.

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    1. How wonderful! When I split from my ex we had to buy (wasn’t crafting at the time) a second Moulin Roty so she could have one in each house. She accepted the arrangement completely.


  3. Aw, Morris number 2 is just a cute and identical to me, but kids don’t miss a trick, so let’s see if you pulled the wool over his eyes (sorry 😆) I’m liking Instagram but prefer blogging too, there’s just not enough hours in the day for everything 😀

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    1. I’m with you on hours in the day!! At least you still have a link with your fellow crafters on IG instead of going days/weeks without contact!
      BTW Morris has been exchanged and accepted!!

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  4. Oh, how lovely that Morris 1st was loved literally to bits! I wish I had the patience for embroidery like I used to; all your pieces are absolutely beautiful. I find that both IG and blogging have a place, but I prefer blogging/blog reading as its much more interesting and personal.

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