Folk embroidery

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There’s another embroidery book that I’ve recently become hooked on, quite unlike the fine embroidery I’ve been ‘churning out’ recently.

I think embroidery is so appealing to me at the moment because of immediate pleasing effect you get, even just after an hour of stitching.

It’s a beautiful book. Crisp clean imagery and plenty of inspiration.

Many of the projects featured appliquéd felt but not the thin acrylic bright felt I had in my stock, perfect for bright Christmas decorations, but a slightly thicker felt with a more subtle hue.

I sourced a wool mix felt from Cool Crafting, the company behind my Luna Lapin.

You can see the mottled more natural appearance of the wool mix felt.

I was taken with the image on the front cover of the book. So that’s where I started.

I used a piece of white fleece as the base fabric and basted a few lines through the felt to keep me on track.

It very quickly came together.

It made a good change to use bold colours and bold stitches. A little easier on the eyes!

I was in two minds about adding the flowers.

But I was so pleased with the result I invested in a frame!

Simple but quite lovely. And now hanging in our downstairs loo.

Love, Lucie xx


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