Same book, different project

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From the same book I took my bird

I’ve made an extremely useful (too me!) little item.

My living room floor, and my husband, is now saved from these.


Now I have something to collect them in.

A thread catcher!

Each piece is made from a felt, foam, felt sandwich, which is stitched together with tiny neat running stitches.img_6286
I used that ‘spring back’ foam you can use for adding structure to bags.
With regards to stitching I basically copied the book.

I didn’t want to mark the felt so tried to keep my stitches equally spaced by eye.

And was very pleased with my loop; a good technique to file away.

Quite different from the more formal style of embroidery I still love, I need to come up with some ideas of how to use this freestyle art in a useful way. I feel I should work on something original.
I came across Nancy Nicholson’s blog today. I don’t think I’ve finished with her designs yet. Just look at these!


Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love your work here. What a cute pic in a frame and the pot would be so useful too. I am always finding loose threads follow me around the house – where I have missed the bin and not noticed it !

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  2. These are such modern designs and, as is mentioned above, so ‘fresh’ in feel. Thread catchers are great little tools – I wouldn’t be without mine. Yours is such a pretty version.

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