Another Zakka Embroidery jewellery pouch

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I’ve completed another jewellery pouch. I really love this one.
Well I loved the previous one too!


I used the sticky fabri solvy sheet again.

It took just a couple of hours plus a little sewing.

And now I have 2.

There is a third on it’s way but meanwhile I have to share my completed, mounted, first piece from the Zakka book. The book that got me hooked.


After much contemplation about what size of mount/canvas frame I was going to use in this post here, I went with the larger frame but bought a 12mm thick canvas instead of the 36mm deep canvas I had planned.

I also found out that buying a cheap stretched canvas that was already printed with some naf image was cheaper than buyer a plain ‘artist’s’ canvas.

I like the way the stitching just curls around the edge.

Next time I will plan more and think about pattern placement and how I am going to mount it, before I start. But this one was rather a spontaneous make that I happened on liking very much.

Off to Dewsbury this weekend for Ali’s sewer’s meet up #sewdowndewsbury. I’ll be on the look out for some fine linen.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Your embroidery is just so neat! Don’t be looking too close at my name badge I’ve made – it’s only running stitch and I had to undo a few bits and start again. And I can see why you couldn’t do it on the train. I’m struggling sat at a table! But reading on one of your other post about linen promoted me to dig out a scrap i had, so thanks for the tip. 😀

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  2. Your mounted embroidery looks good. I think you made the right choice there! And I love your latest pouch, Especially love the symmetry of it. Only two hours! It would take me a week. You are so gifted.


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