Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone.

I’ve been procrastinating about sewing but I’ve been crocheting and knitting.

However this weekend has been about gardening and baking.

In the honour of two of her friends staying over so they could all go to their first concert together, without adults(!!), my daughter whipped up this rainbow cake.

She used a tiny amount of gel colouring in each layer, hence the vivid colours. She is her own harshest critic and claimed it a little heavier than she was hoping but we didn’t notice!

After three hours of gardening, generally clearing the veg plots and mowing the lawn, I made up this second batch of hot cross buns ready for this morning’s breakfast.

I might have had a sneaky one straight out of the oven.

This morning my daughter and her two friends are still fast asleep. The concert was a success (Little Mix). My husband and I managed to find them easily enough in the middle of Leeds at 10.30 last night. They’d had a wonderful time but remarked that it was perhaps a little raunchy for the younger members of the audience! I’ve obviously brought her up well!

We plan a hot cross bun breakfast, a quick ferry around, dropping the girls off, a walk to the pub, chocolate and a roast beef diner. The sun is shining but I’ve heard there’s a storm on the way.

I leave you with these gorgeous tulips; a thank you present from my husbands son and daughter-in-law for lining some curtains.

Happy Easter!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Reading your post it was like a Easter Special Sunday Sevens, you should do more!
    Made me smile your daughters comment about it being a bit raunchy for the younger ones. I felt the same about H when I took him to the Xfactor concert. He’s 5’1o” but still my little boy! Heaven knows what must’ve been going though his head watching it, lol!
    Happy Easter to you too, enjoy your roast ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฃ


  2. Happy Easter! Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.
    It’s a landmark event isn’t it – that first unaccompanied outing – I’m glad they all had a good time. I remember seeing Little Mix when they were on some talent show or other before they became famous and thought it was refreshing to see a girl band not showing too much flesh or generally writhing around but it seems they have been converted. The record industry has a lot to answer for.


  3. The cake looks amazing! I did a rainbow cake for my mums birthday last year. Totally worth the effort.
    Have a lovely Easter ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jilly ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Happy Easter! We have been having a massive bonfire at the cabin, not very celebratory but you have to go with the time you have and the weather we are given. Jo x


  5. What a colourful post! Tulips are my favourite Spring flower – a thoughtful ‘thank you’ indeed. Are hot cross buns easy to make? What recipe do you use? My lot LOVE them:)


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