Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up

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I had been looking forward to the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up in Dewsbury for ages. Especially as I was unable to attend the last one.

Ali from Thimberlina had organised this very successful event and herded us around Dewsbury for the day.

Of course I wore my new Coco.


It was definitely weird to meet and chat to ladies you’ve only ever seen on the screen. On a screen people seem only 2D. It was like seeing the stars of our blogging world come to life! It was so good to find out that the ladies were exactly the same as they came across on their blogs.

In all 19 of us met for coffee and chats in a cafe in Dewsbury before venturing out into the latest storm to pass over the British Isles. 

Our first stop was a trims stall in the market. Do you ever get over-faced with a huge selection of goods and come away with only spending pennies?

With the weather worsening we headed over to Fabworks where I was able to part with more than a few pennies!

This is myself and Hila. Recognize the fabric anyone?


I think you might see this fabric turning up on Hila’s blog😉

Fabworks had  been warned we were coming and had even put on more staff to serve us!

After we had dragged ourselves away we headed to Lucky Fashions who had extra staff and coffee and biscuits for us!!

Note the Lucky Fashions picture is one from the summer!


There was one more shop to go but quite honestly I was fabricked out and was looking forward to a glass of wine!


I wasn’t the only one to welcome the bargain of a free alcoholic drink with every main meal at Wetherspoons!


I had a great day. There were 5 or six ladies who I converse with often over our blogs so it was lovely to finally meet them. And I have a bunch of new blogs to follow too.img_2773

Ali is hosting a giveaway of a £25 voucher for Fabworks if you would like to head across to her by the 14th February.

This is my haul. A surprisingly coordinated mixture of stretch, viscose and cotton.

So at an average rate of one make per month that’s me sorted for the next 6 months!

Yes, right.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’m loving reading all the Spoolette’s posts about the day! I couldn’t workout what Corinne & I was laughing so much at, then I remembered it was when I was trying to work periscope! Great write up Lucie, looking forward to seeing what you make 😀


  2. what a fun day! Your haul is gorgeous, of course, can’t wait to see what you make. The trim stall though, made me want to book a flight. Why don’t; we have things like that over here? Those ribbons look amazing.


  3. Another lovely account of what was obviously a great day out – wish I could have joined you all. Are there sequins in your final fabric photo? If so – ace!


  4. It was so much fun getting to meet and share such great conversation. I was in awe of you Coco oh my gosh you nailed the length. Hoping I can do as much justice to the fabric. Beautiful fabric selections! Looking forward to seeing your creations. X


    1. If you go with a Coco, just watch the neckline. This pattern wouldn’t work for me without the funnel; the neckline would sag without a lot of adjustment. I’ve read quite a lot of reviews that say the same thing.

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      1. Thanks for the warning. I was thinking Coco initially but I came across a dress pattern in my stash that screamed for that fabric. Still dithering but time will tell what I end up with. I have been known to pin out a pattern onto fabric and just before cutting sensing the fabric wants to something else😃


  5. Really great to read all these posts about our great day out 🙂 I’m forcing myself to clear the decks before I begin any of my purchases. Seriously no more patterns or fabric shopping for me for quite some time!


  6. I love your fabric choices and look forward to seeing what you make. Just as well I didn’t see the blue and white daisy fabric! It was lovely to meet you and the other Spoolettes.


  7. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, it’s a shame we didn’t get to chat more – next time?! Your Coco looked lovely and has spurred me on to want to dig out the pattern & sew up one for myself 🙂


  8. Great fabrics, it was good to have so many lovely places to stay out of the rain. I have a little link and mention of you on my blog today. Go and see…Jo x

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  9. Looks like my idea of heaven (apart from the rain). Chatting, fabric shopping and wine. It’s funny that your fabric purchases were all coordinated but I find that I do the same thing if I buy fabric at the same time – it’s not even a conscious thing.

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  10. Sounds like such a fun day. Isn’t it great to spend time with so many people that have so much in common? Getting to know them, being inspired by them, and splitting your sides laughing with them. Perfect!


  11. Great pictures, it’s so interesting to see all those familiar faces gathered together. It must have been an absolute blast. I love the fabrics you purchased. You and Hila will need to get together again for a another picture when she makes up the daisy fabric. 🙂


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