Coco complete

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My Coco is complete!  This definitely will not be the last although this fabric from Fabworks will take some beating.

I made a size 3 but added to the bust at the seam. Then I took it all in again by 1cm down the side seam after trying it on.

I took a good 2 inches off the bottom. I read somewhere that the hem shouldn’t finish at the widest part of you and I agree. A couple of inches above is much more flattering on me.

This week has seen my Coco turn from this.


To this.


Ewwww, no!

And finally after a dash to the shop for enough fabric for one more sleeve, to this.

My daughter isn’t keen but I love it.img_2721

What’s not to love? It’s so warm and snuggly.


I shall wear it this weekend to our Yorkshire Spoolettes meet-up in Dewsbury (the forecast is cold) and get a photo of me in it.

You see, I had taken my makeup off at this point.

Not a pretty sight.

Love, Lucie xx

P.S. Here’s a photo taken on the Saturday ready for our meet up!



  1. Looking forward to seeing you there in this. It’s stunning. I must be the only person not to make a successful Coco although I love Tillys patterns and have made 6 Agnes. See you Saturday K xXx


    1. What problem did you have with it? I think if I had made the version without the funnel neck, I might have found the neckline a little loose. I’ll have to remedy that, but with funnel neck it’s fine.


      1. Yes definitely too loose and wide. I don’t understand this fashion for cold necks and showing bra straps however lovely they are. Funnel it is then for the next one. Thanks. See you Saturday K xXx


  2. It looks great with the matching sleeves so I bet you’re glad you made the effort to track down some more fabric. I quite like it with the black sleeves too, mind you:)


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