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I’m back. Back from an unintentional blogging break. I’m back and itching to sew.

I’ve had a lovely Christmas break. One in which I’ve finally sat down at my sewing machine after a break of nearly two months. I know this because I received a new pair of dressmaking scissors for my birthday in mid November and I’ve only just cut the tag of them!
So what has changed in my life in 2015 to cause such a change of behaviour?

Firstly the new job. The new job, started way back in May due to my former employer going into administration, has taken up a much larger chunk of me than I expected. With work, work ideas, doubts and deadlines and new challenges whirling about in my head, for a time it crowded out some of my need to craft. I know that for a period I was a bit of a nightmare to live with!

Secondly, I met these wonderful ladies. In June I built up the courage to try a local cycle club ride. I’ve not looked back.

This is fake snow, btw!


This was our Christmas club ride. Over 30 of us took to the road in Christmas fancy dress.img_2305 45 miles and a cafe stop later on the coldest day of the year, we celebrated a year of cycling.  This is me below, on the pale blue bike.


I’ve covered over 1000 miles this year. The ladies ride out every Thursday evening covering around 25 miles, and we join up with the men for longer, 50 to 60 mile rides Sunday rides, but I don’t manage to make it to many of them.

These new friends have become such a welcome part of my life. I’m hoping to enter some cycling events with them in 2016. I put off joining a club for so long, thinking I wasn’t good enough. I’m so glad I did. Although there is part of the club that takes themselves very seriously, we are a very social group with the cafe stop or pint finish being a crucial part of our ride.

Thirdly, back in November I suddenly felt I was crafting purely to meet deadlines or even just to give me blog material. I took a good hard look at myself and all the deadlines I had committed to.  This, coupled with some huge deadlines at work together with a period of self doubt (through which I’m still working!) and a re-occurrence of a small heart problem I had treated several years ago, culminated in the realisation that I was not superwoman.

So something had to give. 2016 will see me blogging a little less and taking a break from the posts I was writing for Minerva and Whitetree fabrics. My blog will once again become a record or diary for me of anything I wish to record or think I might find vaguely interesting to look back on. I have a huge fabric and pattern stash I want to crack on with; something I was unable to do whilst committed to other deadlines.

I want to replace some things around the home. I want to try some new recipes to update our standard evening fare.

We also have a new baby within the family on the horizon so plenty of opportunities for crafting there!

I think lives change. Different things become important. Priorities alter. Mine have.

So here’s to a new 2016, run (or pedaled) at a more relaxed pace.

I leave you with some photos taken at a Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall that I treated myself, my daughter and my mother to, a few days before Christmas. With choirs, an orchestra, that amazing organ and guest singers including the host Aled Jones, it was one of those occasions that we will never forget.

Love, Lucie x



  1. Welcome back Lucie! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas a New Year! You seem to have had a rollercoaster of a ride these past few months so I hope things are starting to move onwards and upwards for you now. I, too, have been having ‘deadline trouble’ recently also – I find I often pressure myself to make projects just ‘for the blog’ or because I have to get it finished and published by a certain date. I don’t want to give it up completely but perhaps slow down to every couple of months? I’m not sure yet. I’m looking forward to seeing your projects this year though – even more now that they’ll be things you really want to make. Keep in touch! x


    1. Lovely to hear from you! Hope you had a lovely Christmas in your new place. It took me a while to decide to give up the deadlines. It has been nice not to be trying to squeeze in a make in between the shopping and
      spending time with my family!
      Now I want to be at my machine, rather than having too.
      I’ve always wanted to make every single project at the time of choosing but the excitement soon wears off when you are stuck hemming and writing a post at 11pm. x


  2. I think you’ve made some wise decisions. A lot of time we are the ones putting pressure on ourselves and often there is just no need. It sounds like you have a demanding job so why stress yourself out in your leisure time. Some realistic goal setting is what’s needed and, even then, if you don’t manage to achieve them all, don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember you are sewing/crocheting/knitting/crafting/blogging because you enjoy it and, if you’re not, something has gone very wrong.
    Here’s to a more relaxed you in 2016 and have fun with your new cycling friends.
    Lynn x


    1. Thank you Lynn for your lovely words. I really don’t have much to complain about so feel a bit of a whinger! I realised that I had lost the ‘leisure’ part of leisure time and replaced it with more ‘work’ and it was all down to myself! I’ve returned to work much more relaxed today and I’m determined to keep it that way.;) x


  3. Happy New Year! Lots of changes then, and all for the better I hope. I can see how blogging for two sponsors as well as yourself became more like work than play. I bet you’ll find that the more you make just for yourself, the more you’ll want to show us anyway, and get back to the whole reason you started blogging in the first place. Look forward to it!


  4. Happy New Year. You should never mess with your health so seems to me you took some sensible decisions. Am suitably impressed by all that cycling, good for you 😊


    1. Yes, the cycling is good for the heart and the soul. And apart from those dreaded Yorkshire hills, doesn’t feel like exercise when we are jabbering away to each other.


  5. I would have loved to see all you Christmas elves biking around the town!

    It sounds like you’re making some good decisions regarding the new year. Life is too short to make everything seem like work. As for the sewing, I’m going to have a sewing project this month and I would love it if you could fly to the US to help me because I sew like a drunk person. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll post the project on my blog just to show what a blunder I make of it!!


  6. Your post really struck a chord with me as a have been thinking a lot about my blog during my two week winter vacation. I have been wanting to blog with more intention rather than just showing off the fact that I know how to sew. This takes a period of “whole” life reflection, and it sounds like this is what you have done. Kudos to you for identifying what does and doesn’t bring you enjoyment and acting on it.


    1. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. I also found that I was so busy racing through each project, I was cutting corners and not doing the best I could do which ended up with a very unsatisfactory result.


  7. Well done for having the courage to step back a bit Lucie, so easy to get caught up in everything. Hope you find a more ‘normal’ pace for yourself this year and look forward to reading your posts when you feel relaxed enough to share 🙂


    1. It’s so easy just to say ‘yes’ to everything. I remember Sunday afternoons when I actually got to sit down and watch a film or had time to bake a really long winded cake. I need to get back to those times.

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      1. Isn’t it just? I’m appalling at setting myself ridiculous deadlines too, so really get where you’re coming from. Hope you get back to your happy place soon.
        The bike gang looks great though, perfect tonic for stressful times 🙂

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  8. Happy New Year – here’s to a year of better balance. You’ve made good decisions. I hope your health improves – I’m sure cycling will help that. How I wish I’d seen your cycling group on your Christmas ride!


  9. Impressed with your cycling. I can cycle but 25 miles would kill me. I can resonate with the temptation to feel you have to craft things just so you will have material for a post as that gets to me a bit when I am making something big like a blanket.

    I notice you look a lot more relaxed in your photograph at the Albert Hall than you often do. Hope 2016 is a great year for you.


    1. I have 2 long term projects on the go at the moment, so I know what you mean. There are only so many times you can blog about the same blanket!

      As for looking more relaxed, thank you. My family has definitely noticed the difference!


  10. Happy New Year Lucie, good to see you back blogging. I think feeling that we are doing/making things for the blog rather than just because we want to, is something that affects all bloggers at some point. I think that’s what was wrong with me before Christmas. Now I have some things to write about because I want to AND I have the stuff I need to start my book, so I feel more relaxed and less pressured, even though I was the one doing the pressuring ;D x


    1. We are so good at putting ourselves under needless pressure, aren’t we? I was beginning to consider not returning to the blog at all. Would there be anyone there when I returned? All these lovely comments have proven otherwise!

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  11. Lovely to hear fro you! I wondered where you’d gone! Sounds like you’ve got everything worked out and 2016 is going to be a good year. The cycle club looks fab, and it’s good that there’s a ladies group as it’s hard for us to get into sport, there used to be more out there for the fellas. Good luck with everything 🍀. Did you know I’m arranging a meet up in Dewsbury in Feb? You don’t have to add to your stash but could come for a coffee and a natter 😀


  12. Hi Lucy. You’re right, life does change and it’s important to take a step back and review if what we’re doing is taking us towards what we really want. Sorry to hear you’ve had a couple of dips, but it sounds as if you’re on the way up and that you’ve got some lovely positives going on. Look forward to your less frequent posts. Take care xx


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