Wiring my paper roses

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A cool wet Saturday was followed by a warm sunny Sunday. With less than 5 weeks until the wedding I set myself up in the garden to wire up my paper roses in preparation for incorporating them into bouquets, table centre pieces and other displays when my mum comes across to help, a couple of days before hand.

I’d made up many paper roses a good few weeks ago. You can find my post here

An early trip to Hobbycraft for a few supplies had left me relatively unscathed. I came back with wire, florist tape, some pliers and a few pearls.

Wiring paper roses

I’d had a brief look around on the internet to see how to wire up my flowers but had found everything a bit woolly so I went with my gut and just had a go.

Using the pilers, I curled the ends of the florist wires.Wiring paper roses
Then I pushed the other end through the centre of the flower.Wiring paper roses
You can see into the centre of the flower hereWiring paper roses
Using the sticky florist tape, I wrapped the tape around the wire protruding from the base of the bloom. I wrapped it several times at the top to create that bulgy bit you get at the base of a rose.Wiring paper roses
Here’s a close upWiring paper roses
To some of my other roses I just glued wooden kebab sticks. I shall use these ones within the table arrangements and also within something else that will remain under wraps until after the day.
Wiring paper roses
Here I’m running out of drying space.Wiring paper roses
Finally, I say finally but I have another 50 or so roses to make up yet, I added some individual pearls to some of the centres.Wiring paper rosesWiring paper roses
A Sunday well spent. After darting inside due to a rain shower, the sun came out again giving us a beautiful evening.

I hope the sun shone where you were.
Love Lucie x

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    1. No, not the whole thing. I’m doing the bits I can do well. I’ve done the invites. Mum and I are doing the flowers. A friend of mine has made a huge contribution, to remain under wraps for a while yet. I’m not doing the cake but am contributing to a part of it;)


  1. They look beautiful. Lovely touch the pearl. I remember your previous post and had intentions of making some with old books. The other day I bought an old very cheap dictionary for paper crafting – my main thought was to print silhouettes through the printer but ‘word roses’ would look a treat.


    1. Word roses would be fabulous. I didn’t have much choice when I was buying my books. There were lots that were not entirely appropriate for wedding roses.


    1. Yes, I did. Sorry, very rude of me not to respond. Recently I find myself reading stuff and making a mental note to reply later but then forget. I’m definitely going to have a go with something small but ‘after the wedding’ which is my stock answer for everything at the moment.


    1. I’ve had a run through with the table centres and am pretty pleased. My mum is the expert when it comes to bouquets so I think that will just develop on the day although I have an image of what we’re aiming for with lots of ivy and pale cream roses.


  2. Hi Lucie, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. I thought you looked great in my glasses last night! These roses are beautiful, I can’t wait to see them in the finished bouquets and table arrangements.


    1. Hi Sam, great to meet you too! I thought your dress was absolutely amazing and I hope you get the opportunity to wear it again! I really enjoyed the event. Must keep in touch. x


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