Yarn confession

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I saw this on Pinterest (source unknown) and thought of many of you;)

Yarn confession

Ring any bells?

For dressmakers, insert ‘fabric’.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’ve already started my group. It’s called FA which stands for the fact that I’ve bought sweet ‘Fanny Adams’ (the polite version) as well as for ‘Fabrics Anonymous’. One month 6 days in and I’ve managed not to tick the ‘add to cart’ button once. The fact that I’ve overcompensated on the yarn front is of no consequence :/ Only another 10 months 24 days(ish) to go.

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    1. But are you using up your fabric stash or just looking at it miserably? Don’t you find it is so much easier to part with your money over the internet? Mind you I don’t suppose you have much choice.
      Hope you are not building up a yarn mountain. Yarn and fabric is like money – you can’t take it with you!


    1. I know! It’s probably one of the reasons I decided not to go to Yarndale. I get huge guilts when I pop into our conservatory and see 1 huge plastic box, a large wooden basket and several ‘bags for life’ full of the stuff.

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