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Whilst I finish my latest dress; just the zip, yoke and hem to go on my burda 7557,

I thought I would give you a circles within squares update.Circles within squares crochet blanket

After blocking rescued my mis-shaped squares, this is now turning out exactly as I envisaged.Circles within squares crochet blanket

I’ve started a border, a couple of rounds of grey followed by a picot edging in the multicolur yarn.

It’ll need a final block but this is a project well on its way to the finish line. I shall be quite sad to finish this one. I may have to make another.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Get you and your ‘just the yoke, zip and hem to go’ .I’m sure it was only a couple of weeks ago you started this dressmaking lark wasn’t it? 😉

    Blanket is looking great by the way.

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    1. Do you mean when you are changing from one circle row to the next? If so I took my hook out of the loop and pulled the loop through into the back before starting the next row. This means you don’t have to cut and restart to keep the circles neat and weave in all those ends. It took me a while to be happy with my circle edges. Some are not perfect but only I can see.😉


    1. Ohh lovely! If you have trouble keeping the edges of the circles neat when you change from one row to another see my reply to Iamsimplyhooked. But if you are using different yarns in your circles as per the original design, this won’t apply.


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