Blocking success!

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Thank you for all your suggestions yesterday regarding blocking my crochet squares.

You’ll be pleased to here I’ve had success on the blocking front.

Due to cats and husbands I prefer to keep my work off the floor and so went with pinning them to my ironing board.

I am fortuitous that last time I replaced my ironing board cover I went with a stripy one which helped get a nice good square shape no end!

Sunny deck chair ironing board cover

So here we go. I managed 9 on the board. I could have fitted another 3 but I ran out of pins!
Circles within squares crochet blanket
Before stretching them into submission I hovered over them with my steam iron and then did the same again once pinned.
Circles within squares crochet blanketAnd this morning I unpinned the lot to reveal these. What a huge difference blocking has made!
Circles within squares crochet blanket
Success, don’t you think?

Love, Lucie x


  1. They look great. I have to confess my ignorance here. Until you started posting about blocking your squares I had no idea that it needed to be done. Thanks for sharing. We can all learn from your learning experience.


      1. I am so sorry I appeared to ignore all your wishes. It was a mad time. My mum had an op on the Saturday which was hard and took up a lot of my time….then it happened! No time for anything extra. Sorry. X


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