Crochet fail

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I thought I could get away with a shortcut. It failed.

You see, I thought I could get away with sewing my squares together without blocking them first . I could not.

I thought that by sewing them together their bulgy square shape would miraculously turn into flat straight edged squares, once tethered to its neighbour. They did not.Circles within squares crochet blanket

These are just the strips. I didn’t take a photo of the strips sewn together. I was too cross.

I wondered about just blocking the blanket, right at the end but I knew I couldn’t be sure.

So late last night I carefully released each square from it’s neighbour. It was tricky as I had obviously used the same yarn to sew the squares together. I cut the wrong strand only twice.Circles within squares crochet blanket

I know I can pull the corners out and they will stretch into shape. They have a high percentage of wool content so they should block. I have to work out what to pin them to when drying. Any ideas without going out and buying something? I have 25 squares. Ideally I would like to do them in just 2 or 3 lots. I’ve no patience for one or two at a time.

If this fails I’m going to have to crochet some small diamonds to go where the corners of the squares join to prevent the distortion of the blanket. It’s not a look I was striving for but it might rescue the blanket.

To calm my beating heart I’ve started a simple stash busting colour block cushion.

Colour block crochet cushion

I’m loving how this is turning out.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Have your through about adding an edging to each one to make it easier to join together? They might lay flatter that way too. Just a thought. 🙂 ❤


    1. Yes, that is another thought I have been turning over in my head. I even thought about crocheting down each strip, filling in the ‘gap’ with a treble or double treble. But you know when you start off with an image and you really don’t want to stray away from it?

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  2. I’ve used my ironing board to pin squares to – not sure if that would be a big enough size. i do love the colour of what you’ve made.


    1. Now, that’s a good idea. My ironing board is one of those wide ones so I could do quite a few in one go. Thanks, I’ll have a look into the thickness of the wadding of the cover to see if it will hold a pin.


  3. They look good so your finished blanket will be great! Crochet is very forgiving. I use my dry bath towels for blocking. I told in half and lay 2 towels in top of each other. The pin and steam with a hoovering iron. That always gets them into the shape required. Hope that helps. You have learnt something from this experience and by sharing it others have/will learnt/learn so this is a step forward in the right direction👍💃


    1. Will try this too. I would usually use a towel for blocking a garment but thought it wouldn’t hold a square in place as I’m going to have to stretch the square quite a lot to get it the right shape. But maybe using 2 towels, as you have suggested, might do the trick.

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  4. I usually put a thick towel on the carpet and stab them into shape with pins straight through into the carpet. Give a good spray to dampen them – i use the iron (or anything that sprays – it’s all I’ve got!) then leave it over night.
    Good luck 😃


  5. Very frustrating for you but it does look as if it’s going to be wonderful when it’s done. Hila does give great advice – she helped me out this week with a Gabriola dilemma – Dr Hila column perhaps! Looking forward to seeing the finished article x


    1. I often wondered about the carpet. A shower curtain is a great idea and I could pick one up really cheap from Asda. I had a go with pinning them to the ironing board last night. Worked a treat.

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