Crochet blanket plans

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With news of other friends’ babies and grandchildren on the way, I’m planning a couple of crochet blankets.

After knitting my cabled fingerless gloves, I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting Bethany’s Bunny and have been itching to start another crochet project.

So a trip to my favourite local-ish yarn shop, Unravel, in Denby Dale, West Yorkshire resulted in the purchase of this.

Yarn for a baby blanket
These yarns are both dk and both a machine washable wool and acrylic mix.
Yarn for a baby blanket
Do you remember my ‘Wheels within Wheels’ crochet cushion cover?

I plan a blanket in the same vein.
The pattern is available free on Ravelry. It’s by Frankie Brown and can be found here although she made her squares into this bag.
frankie brown
I saw this project on the LittleWoolie blog and was inspired by the colours.
juleshar wheels-within-wheels
However, I didn’t fancy all that colour changing and sewing in all those ends so I thought a self stripping yarn would have much the same effect.

I made a start with a 3mm hook put the circles were coming out too tight and wouldn’t sit flat.

I’ve changed to a 4mm and things are looking much better.
There will of course be plenty of photos to follow. After this weekend’s clock change the lighter evenings will come as a blessing for all of us trying to photograph their makes in the dark.

Love, Lucie x


  1. I love your color choices. Your first blanket was gorgeous and I am sure this one will be just as beautiful. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your progress.

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  2. Yes, clever idea to save yourself all those colour changes. I don’t really crochet but I would imagine that successfully hiding the ends on crochet work are much harder than in knitting. I only say this because I rescued yet another crochet blanket from the charity shop the other day – 3 euros!! – and, although it is lovely, I did notice lots of sticky out ends. I wove some of them in myself and snipped some of the others off – I like to live dangerously.

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