Baby Blanket Progress

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My blanket is now coming along nicely after a few changes of direction along the way.
I started with a dozen of these and was really pleased with how the colours were forming using my stripy yarn. I had been using a pattern by Frankie Brown found on ravelry.
Crochet Circle square blanketCrochet Circle square blanket
At this point I thought I should stop and turn a couple into squares to see how this blanket might develop.
Crochet Circle square blanket
Hmmm, suddenly I became a lot less convinced about how the blanket might be suitable for a new born at all. With the density of the crochet, my soft yarn had become less of a cot blanket and more of a picnic blanket!
It’s always a bit sad when something you had envisaged does not turn out quite how you imagine it is going to be.
But then I had a thought to increase the size of the squares, using more of the grey and the more flexible treble stitch.
And, do you know, I think I might have turned this blanket around.
Crochet Circle square blanket
At this size the squares feel softer and more malleable. I doubt it will make a cot blanket, but it will definitely make a pram/pushchair blanket.
And I have other plans for a cot blanket, using this fine cotton I bought for a CAL I got very far behind in last year.Fine crochet cotton.
All is not lost.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Those little circles look sweet and the second try does look less ‘clenched’. I’m interested in what makes a good baby blanket as I’m considering making a baby ‘rug’ which will be soft and probably the other extreme of clenched. Will it matter if the knit is loose for a baby to lie/crawl on or should it be tight enough for it not to get fingers through loops etc? It seems like a zillion years ago I had babies crawling on my floor so I can’t decide.
    Those colours for the ‘alternative’ cot blanket look gorgeous.


    1. I know that some would be very concerned about using a very ‘holely’ crochet blanket for a baby but I’ve seen many many of them in use. So I would say it would depend on the mother.
      I thinking about something like this for my cot blanket
      but I’ve also seen this which is quite plain but beautiful


      1. I like the first one -especially if you want to keep it modern. The second one is also lovely but looks shop bought which is great if that’s what you want to go for.
        I’m thinking of knitting my rug – sort of along the lines of the huge blanket I made but probably without cables. I’ve googled ‘chunky baby rugs/blankets’ and there are quite a few out there so maybe loose knit/crochet isn’t a problem – as long as it’s not so loose they can get their heads through I suppose! :/

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  2. OK, so here’s an idea of my very own. Make two square blankets big enough for a babe in a pushchair. Join three sides together and you have a completely unique cosy toes. I made one for my grandson and his Dad was stopped all the time to ask where he got it from
    I have never seen a baby cosy toes anywhere else.
    And when babe doesn’t need it anymore apparently it makes a great cat blanket.


  3. I love how you’ve made such a modern choice with both the colours and the circle design. Grey isn’t an obvious choice for a baby but it’s actually the perfect neutral to showcase all those other wonderful colours. Brilliant! Makes my cream alpaca lace one look positively prehistoric:)


    1. Cream alpaca lace sounds amazing! Is it something you have or something you are currently making?
      I wanted to make a work horse of a blanket that could be flung in the machine. I wasn’t sure how something more intricate would be received. Nothing worse than a polite, ‘thank you’ and bag of unwanted well meaning presents.

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