A bunny for Bethany

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It’s so nice to have completed something in super quick time. About a week of snatching an hour here and there. It made me remember how much I love my crochet.

Give a big welcome to Bethany’s bunny.

Haakpatroon Dolf de Paashaas

She is a very sleepy bunny. I’m not sure how she remains standing for so long with her eyes closed.

It must be those huge feet, which I’ve not even weighted.

The pattern produced a rather elongated body. I undid several of the top rows to make her a little more stocky.

I also replaced the buttons with stitching. I want this bunny to be loved.

I love the pattern and the same one can be used for all the variety of figures on the Haakpatroon online shop with a little thought.

It is about time this one has a rest before she is parceled off to Wales.

Haakpatroon Dolf de Paashaas

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Lucie, this is really beautiful! The colours you chose are just gorgeous. It seriously looks like a designer piece, haha. Such neat work. You could sell these! I would buy one!

    PS, I too love that blanket. I’d buy that too…


    1. Thank you very much. If I had the time, I would make to sell but for the moment I just make to give. I get the pleasure in buying yarn and the making and hopefully the recipient gets the pleasure of receiving.
      I once costed these out and the time taken alone, puts these amigurumi out of most people’s pocket.


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