Is this cheating?

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After the success and sheer pleasure of my Liberty fabric paper piecing glasses case I was very keen to try out some paper piecing on something a little larger.Liberty hexie glasses case
I still had my second bag of 50 precut Liberty hexies to play with from VeryBerryFabrics

So with plans to give our joint office/workroom a facelift in the next couple of months I have decided to piece together a Liberty hexie wall hanging to hang above my work station.
I’ll beef up my 50 hexies with another 50 from some bargain bucket Liberty Lawn picked up at Yarndale last summer. I’m hoping that the use of a single colour throughout the hanging will add some depth, bringing the whole piece togther rather than just a mass of mini print.
I’ve made a start.

But is this cheating? Look no stitches!

Jo from ThreeStoriesHigh steered me in the direction of this paper piecing glue pen.

Sewline glue pen
I held off intially, thinking that I should be enjoying the WHOLE PROCESS and not just skipping to the piecing part but then I thought, ‘What the hell, my evenings are short enough.’
100 hexagons basted in one night!

Tonight the sewing starts.

I thought I would just leave you with this.
My daughter’s Bakewell tart; it was yummy! She has truly surpassed me with this bake. Jealous?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I NEED THAT GLUE PEN! I’m working on a couple of hexie projects at the moment and this would save me hours! Looking forward to seeing your finished product πŸ™‚


  2. I’m obviously way behind the times as I’ve never heard of a paper piecing glue pen! I think it’s a great idea and, no, it’s not cheating because all those tacking stitches would have had to come out anyway. I also cook a mean Bakewell Tart. But mine NEVER looks as pretty as your daughter’s:)


  3. I’ve just read about that glue pen on another blog while surfing for ideas of what to do with my (eventual) stash of hexies. First of all I thought “well, no, I find the whole basting process therapeutic” but then I thought, do I? I can get therapy enough when it’s time to whipstitch them all together and, as sewchet says above, those basting stitches are only there to hold them together temporarily. Let’s go with the glue I say!

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    1. Ha, ha, that was my initial thought too.The first pen is quite pricey at Β£5.99 but it came with a spare refill which I’ve not yet touched. I found the quick gluing of the hexies VERY therapeutic! I would go with the glue from now on.


    1. Yes it is but I won’t need to dampen it to remove the paper pieces. They seem to just peel away from the fabric with no tackiness remaining. I’ll probably not bother washing to remove anything that remains it as this will be a wall hanging and not a bed quilt. It dries clear.

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    1. It’ll still not be a super quick project but will probably halve the overall time. I think any paper piecing project has to be seen as a relatively slow make but it definitely gets you over the first monotonous part!

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  4. How cool! This might actually convince me to do a hexie project! Question though, do you handsew all the hexies together for the final product? If so, do you need to have neat stitching? I’ve put off trying because my stitching is a mess!


    1. Yes, unfortunately you do have to hand sew a hexie project and yes, you do need to have neat stitching. I would have a quick practice before you committed time and money to something larger or just stick to machine sewn quilting/patchwork.
      I have seen a technique for using a machine zigzag stitch to join hexies but of course that will give you a different result.

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  5. Im not sure id waste all that glue on hexies (cheap pritt sticks are just as good), but i certainly use school glue regularly in quilting. Sharon Schamber uses it profusely! That is a tasty looking bakewell!


    1. I was surprised that the glue stick went such a long way. 100 hexies plus with the first refill. I would get into a mess with a pritt stick, it would be too wide for me. This one is the perfect width for the fold. But then who I am to preach to the expert πŸ˜‰


      1. I think I’m too ham fisted. They last about five minutes for me… Im sure it’ll be immaculate whatever you do!


  6. Your project looks glorious. Every time I see something you’ve made/are making I wish I could sew! Love the idea of a glue pen! I’ve just bought my friend a glue gun for his birthday (and several thousand sequins πŸ˜‰ just because) and I am seriously coveting it!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. There’s something about blogging and reading other blogs that is just so inspiring and makes me want to do just everything! Most of my wedding was held together with a glue gun.


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